Isolation mode for tree elements

I’d like some kind of “isolation mode” in the tree interface, in order to focus editing on a single element without other distracting elements. Just like the “isolation mode” of Illustrator: when you double click on a shape, everything else in the artboard gets greyed and unabled, so you can easily edit what you need without the fear of clicking something wrong. I’m used to convert stock html templates to Wordpress and I think this feature could save much time and headaches dealing with complex structures with many nested divs/elements.
Thank you

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I think that’s on interesting idea and possibly useful if it could be properly implemented.

@Cheope I always wondered what was the point of the feature in Illustrator… it frustrates me but probably because I didn’t know what its purpose was so I guess I’ll have to try it out and see if it makes life easier!

Having used illustrator for years I find the feature a pain in the butt because although I will want to edit one element more often that not it leads to wanting or needing to make a small twig to another element to compliment or accomodate the change just made - than you have to exit isolation mode to do this - just another action to do. But each to there own as we all have our workflows that work for us.

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Yes, surely, we are all different :wink:
And I don’t agree with you. In Illustrator you are not obliged to work in isolation mode to do everything. It’s intended for particular situations, where you need to be precise but the structure is complex and you lose your bearings in the sea of layers and dozen of nested/grouped objects. That’s why I mentioned Illustrator. :eyeglasses:
I’m not saying that whenever you need to edit something, you should always have to open a magnifying glass on it, edit and then close it. Surely it’s a waste of time. But if you’re doing many mistakes (and the clicks become more than two), because you don’t understand where you are and where you should be, probably this kind of feature could help you to orient yourself and getting things done with less pain. :golf:
I’ve just experienced this yesterday on a Theme Forest theme I need to convert to Wordpress using Pinegrow. When you’re tweaking someone else’s code, the problems are slightly different than when you’re working on yours. :disappointed_relieved:
In fact, I found very useful the focus on the selected element in the tree, whenever you use the PHP code preview feature or the code editor in PG. And IMHO this kind of “isolation mode” we already have could be taken to the next level adding some kind of new GUI feature in the node tree view. :sunglasses:

Thanx for your attention.

Cheers :kissing_heart:

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