jQuery Mobile and PinegrowPro?

I am a newbie to PinegrowPro. I am trying to replace Dreamweaver. I use DW to create Apple store Cordova apps. I’m working on some updates to these apps.

How do I view page previews of the JQM pages? JQM pages are in Pinegrow. I need to be able to navigate to the pages and work with the css on those pages.

Is the only way to work with JQM in code view?

Finally, I purchased the WP part of Pinegrow too. Is there someplace that tells me how to add it to Pinegrow? I don’t think it was included in my download, but not sure.

Please forgive my newbie questions. I’m just getting to know Pinegrow and this community. I am starting with the videos and docs today. :slight_smile:

Hi. Check out this link first (Activate WP in Pinegrow) and see if you have Wordpress Plugin available.

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