Sneak peek at the upcoming Pinegrow plugin for WordPress

A new Pinegrow product is coming soon:

Pinegrow WordPress Plugin will let you use Pinegrow in the browser - self-hosted directly on your WordPress site - to create blocks, themes and static HTML projects.

Here is a quick sneak peek, recorded by @adamslowe:

For those not so familiar with the way how Pinegrow is used to build WordPress projects, take a look at why Pinegrow is not yet another page builder.

The plugin is currently in private beta, that will be soon followed by a open public beta.


Will the plugin replace the desktop edition of Pinegrow?

No. Pinegrow Web Editor is not going away.

Pinegrow is implemented with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. This allows us to deploy the same code as a standalone desktop application and as a browser based web application, so that users can choose the tool that is most suitable for their needs.

When we add or improve a feature in the Pinegrow code, the improvement shows up in all Pinegrow editions.

What is the main use case for the plugin?

Pinegrow plugin is perfect for creating custom Gutenberg blocks to complement any existing site and for creating themes that do not require much custom code or complicated template structure.

I just switched from Oxygen to Bricks. I’m not ready to start using a new page builder!

You don’t have to switch. Pinegrow is not a page builder (see above). It can be used alongside builders such as Bricks, to create custom blocks that are used on the existing site.

Do I have to run Pinegrow plugin in order to use blocks and themes created with Pinegrow?

No. Pinegrow exports native WordPress code for blocks and themes, that do not require any plugins to run. You can simply deactivate or deinstall Pinegrow once you create and export the project.

How much it will cost?

We will have affordable subscription plans based on the number os sites where the plugin is used, with generous discounts for existing Pinegrow users. We are still working out the details.

How do I join the beta?

We will soon open the beta to the public.

How about Pinegrow Online?

This plugin is a self-hosted version of Pinegrow Online, with added features for creating WordPress and WooCommerce projects. At this stage we are not interested in going into the hosting business, and the plugin gives you all the benefits of the online Pinegrow edition, plus the freedom to host it wherever you want.


Are the 2 versions Exactly the same thing?

What are the limitations and advantages of using the WordPress plugin over the desktop version?

Is this an addition ontop of the current WordPress Builder subscription which already creates blocks?

Wow, that´s what I need. Can´t wait for the Beta.

As someone who has been using Pinegrow for many years, this sounds like awesome news! Does this mean we can basically have a self-hosted, fully featured Pinegrow Web Editor on WordPress, where we can create wp blocks, themes, but also just create HTML sites that can be exported to he used outside WP?

Will there be a discount for Pinegrow Web Editor users, too?


Great news. Just hoping they have a special treatment to existent fedelity PG wp users.


Great! I have the Pinegrow with WP subscription, but don’t really use the WP side of it, as I always use page builders (Elementor, Bricks…).

I can clearly see in the video how you used it to re-create the Flex home page that we used in the Page Builder challenge (I did the Live Canvas and one of the Bricks one, then recreated it in Elementor as well)… Did you use the desktop version of the online WP plugin version to do it?

Waiting for the beta and to know more soon!


@Nelmedia great to see you here as well :slight_smile:

We didn’t have to recreate the Flex site because local projects can be easily imported into the PG WP Plugin (there is an Upload ZIP option for creating new project). If we wouldn’t have the Flex project already done, we would upload the Flex starter project from Shuffle and add WP actions and Interactions to that in PG WP Plugin, in exactly the same way as it was done in the PG desktop.

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Will be a great addition for sure.


Hi @matjaz,

I’ve been wondering the below overall question for a while and your following comment(s) finally prompted me to inquire.

What then is the status of Pinegrow Theme Convertor in regard to the above statement?

With the tremendous amount of Pinegrow related Wordpress features / improvements being added and with Theme Convertor being part of the Wordpress product line of Pinegrow why then has it not received any updates for nearly 3 years?

The last update v1.3 was March 10 2020, with another release post on February 21 2022 regarding v1.5. But that v1.5 release never seemed to come to fruition as v1.3 is still the only version available for download from early 2020.

Shouldn’t at least some ( if not many ) of the Pinegrow Wordpress related improvements and features being added within the nearly 3 year timeline also be rolled into Pinegrow Theme Convertor, given your above statement?

Thanks in advance.


Yes they should. We are not satisfied with PGTC falling behind and often discuss this matter internally. Due to the low usage the product is getting for most users that miss the newer feature, converting them to regular PG solves their problems.

Are you using PGTC? Or, would you use it if it had been updated?


Thanks for your response @matjaz ,

I’m just respectfully inquiring trying to understand. What is your response really saying however? Are you indicating that there is no intention to update Theme Converter at all or within any foreseeable timetable? Or will it be discontinued all together in favor of the “Pinegrow Wordpress Edition” along with the new “Pinegrow Wordpress Plug-in”?

I understand my singular input does not propel decisions within Pinegrow. Given your quoted comments above in my first response, I found it uncanny that Theme Converter is not keeping pace as part of the flagship PG Wordpress product line with relevant features. Indeed I have a lifetime license for Pinegrow Theme Converter, but as they say concerning all software that just means the lifetime of a developers willingness to support a product not an actual users lifetime.

Regarding status will “Pinegrow Theme Converter” receive the updates you acknowledged above which it’s lacking or instead be discontinued in favor of the other WP options?

I have similar concern for “Pinegrow Interactions” regarding lack of updates. As it does not seem to be keeping pace with the “GreenSock GSAP” core updates, improvements, optimizations and fixes. “PGIA” was last updated November 20, 2020 to v2.01 unless I’m mistaken (even regarding PG Live)? I believe the present version 2 of Pinegrow Interactions is using GSAP version 3.6, while the current version of GSAP is 3.11. Which includes a multitude of improvements and optimizations over those 2 years, even if PGIA won’t be leveraging the many additional impressive GSAP core feature additions available.

It appears from another video that Pinegrow Interactions will be part of the Pinegrow Wordpress Plug-in. Will it at last be updated across PG products to coincide with the PG WP Plug-in release?

Thank you in advance for your time.