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LOTS OF NEW FREE COURSES for web Development -


Well, Welcome to our new Category of Collated Courses!

Sort of , collated by me so far :slight_smile:)

Obviously Link any good courses that you see in here, related to Web Development or associated programming and this is a link I got from @Farscaper, who is doing their regex course.

It makes reference to V School so that may be what the provider is called and Scrimba is the delivery platform.

click the little arrow , top right and you will get some info about it.
it looks rather interesting, many topics…many!

Searching for a list of courses ,I have seen the main page above, with the peculiar carousel choice of showing the courses

and this

they also have a GitHub community,

And…it looks like. you might be able to make your OWN courses there too!

here are the docs

This might be an interesting platform… it is currently in Beta.