Pinegrow Community Support Forum - free courses on the weekend!


Here you Go!

6000 video courses

on the weekend from MARCH 8th !!!

ditch the wife, hire a dog walker, send the kids to you Mum’s house.

so it starts 10AM MST ( a time zone I have NEVER even heard of!)
which trails behind GMT by 11 hours.

So that means , it’s 5PM start in the UK! on Friday. Ive just signed up.

This is Great!

Just finished one course on CSS intro.
Very Good, some of it a bit dated but was worth the time spent.
reminded me of a lot of stuff Id forgetton.

So after finishing that it offered these courses ,

But I had a quick search and found these :slight_smile:

SO! its 2 am!

DO I crack on or, try to get to sleep and get up early for the first time in ages.

Wooo HOO!

Do it!±


there is also an OFFLINE COURSE PLAYER! - wow. -

it works the same as the online, with lessons on the right site for you to hop around the content with.

it downloads the content for you once you login with it once.

Fantastic! dont forget to download the the course exercise material too etc.

I hope it continues to work after the weekend!


I just spent most of the day, either overloaded , with a sick horse or trying to organise which courses to set up/ carry on with!

I mean… whats NOT to like?

I hope you have all joined up! :slight_smile:…for the free weekend at least.

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