Make sure "Restart on play" is selected in v7 for previously set up mobile menu interactions

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Just a heads up that once you update to v7 of Pinegrow you might need to double check to make sure that “Restart on play” is selected for previously set up mobile menu interactions (show/hide) to work properly.

I switched over to using PG interactions for that behavior following @matjaz’s Flex tutorial series several months back, and after doing the v7 update the show/hide interaction no longer worked repeatedly unless I did a page refresh in the browser. Clicking on the “Restart on play” in the advanced options section (screenshot attached) returned the interaction to it’s previously functioning method.

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Thanks @chipriggs!

Looks like something changed in GreenSock internals, with regards to how Sets are processed on subsequent plays. This causes the class to be removed or added only the first time the animation is played, if the class is manipulated with Set at position 0.

While Restart on Play is a good workaround, I’ll check if we can update our PGIA code to take that change into account and get it to work in the same way it worked before.

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Hi @matjaz!

I’m sure there’s a few of us who used your Flex tutorial to build mobile menu modals with PG interactions. If my workaround ends up not being necessary after an update please let us know so we can make changes to our projects accordingly.



@chipriggs the updated Interactions in PG 7.03 restore the previous behavior and Restart on play is no longer needed on that animation.


Awesome! Thanks for all your hard work. :pray::pray::pray: