Market and Communication

Hello PG Team,

So I am member of other several groups of other web builders apps I have used in the past. Webflow, Oxygen etc etc… Right now there is a business model earthquake at oxygen as they moving from their main app ( very similar to PG) to a new one (still in beta) that is more “Elementorier” style. So, many of their hard core users are looking for suitable alternative as they need that “pro feeling” of an app that PG can surely provide.

I have had few people asking me about PG WP and of course I have nothing but good things to say…but many of these people got back to me saying that it is hard to quickly understand the app (beside the natural complexity of it). So I head over to PG page and though… yes they are right.

Under the sections " PINEGROW PRO WITH WORDPRESS" the video is kinda of dated back to a couple of pg versions and it is muted!!! and to be honest it feels like out of context, if you know what I mean. Now, inside the dedicated page “More Info” there is a 35! mins video which explains in depth the PG WP app.
I am sure this can be improve with little effort.
A 30 secs video about PG WP and maybe another one on PG Woo should be in there.

A quick view on your landing page to notice that there is a certain hierarchy communications toward the use of frameworks:

1- Features Overview
2- Speed up building HTML with visual power tools
3- Style with CSS, SASS and LESS - Live!
2 - The perfect tool for working with Bootstrap & Foundation
3- Fully featured GUI for Tailwind CSS projects
4- Edit & test your page on all device sizes at once?
5- Components, master pages, projects, CMS mode…
6- Create stunning interactions & animations for your web projects
7- Create production-ready WordPress themes and plugins
8- And that’s not all…

Now, I have some experience in communication and the non verbal message here is you don’t want to let people know that Wordpress CMS is a core feature in PG and as such it will be fully supported and developed. As it is it looks more like a bonus.

Your main page is your shop windows to the world so nothing more but the best of the best in the best possible way should be displayed in there. Is not lack of content your case…

I imagine that developing PG to work with Wordpress and Woo must be crazy time and resources consuming, even more than integrating the use of any css framework.

Changing the communication priority does not mean necessarily changing your inside app roadmap, even more when the app is already able to take on a slice of the the market. It is just a smart way to focus on the flow while you work on other things.

Just my humble opinion hoping to contribute to what I think is one of the best apps in the field.


The Oxygen drama is pushing me back to Pinegrow mainly to focus on creating blocks. Big curve, for sure.