Pinegrow still skewed to favor Wordpress

I see that Pinegrow continues to progress more and more into Wordpress. This is very disappointing. Wordpress is a php based platform. So is Laravel and Codeigniter but they seem to ignore these. Is this done one pupose or is Pinegrow funded by Wordpress.

The excuses they have given are really really disappointing. Sigh. Our ASEAN User Group are rethinking alternatives for Pinegrow. In 2022, they may decide to drop Pinegrow as everything is skewed to Wordpress and this is irritating them already.

We love Pinegrow, please dont change their love for it.

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Wonder if you ever looked on the Pinegrow website or read the documentation. Pinegrow Pro has nothing to do with WordPress and comes with regular HTML and some frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation. Only when you want to use WordPress you can get that at a extra fee and for Tailwind the same procedure.

So I don’t see the problem you describe! And instead being so negative maybe come with a suggestion from your side to make Pinegrow better!



I dont who you are but i am not negative, we asking PG to move forward instead of sinking into WP. You need to understand the difference when I wrote “We love Pinegrow, please dont change their love for it.”. I cannot remember asking anything for free. We are willing to pay like we have been paying to PG, taliwind and interactions for so long. Many toolkits have extended their reach to CI and Laravel except Pinegrow.

Look back, we requested this way back in 2019. So, the decision is with the people in PG. Look at the PG’s notes on PHP which sort of says it does not support but WP is PHP.


Either do I know who you are! But instead of wining about WordPress the largest CMC there is you can better tell the Pinegrow developers what your idea is for future feature(s) that makes more sense!

PHP is also on my bugged list, but unfortunately they don’t go for it, that’s up to them!

An pretty simple answer to this is if PG keeps adding frameworks it will become a jack of all trades and master of none. There are enough code editors that do a better job to handle the frameworks you talk about. PG is an HTML editor with WordPress support and not a PHP editor.

You use PG to handle the design and your favorite code editor to handle PHP, C#, or whatever flavor you like.

When it comes to WordPress, yes it uses PHP but WP PHP and normal PHP are things that should be seen as separate things. The PHP WordPress uses and PG has in the WordPress function are just small snippets you use to “talk” with WordPress and they can be easily implemented in smart functions and functions inside PG. However Codeigniter and Larver you can pretty much do anything and I do not see a value for it to be added to when there are still much more they could do on the WordPress side such as Woo and also make it more advanced.

So the way I see it is why make a half-baked product that can do a little of everything instead of making a product that is very good at things such as bootstrap and WordPress?

Sure I would love to see c# and Blazor support in PG but not at costs of less development on PG main features which are HTML, Bootstrap, and WordPress.

PG has a small team and even keeping up with the few things they offer now does not go fast enough for me let be they add even more things and would create a lot more work trying to maintain everything.

Just my two cents.

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@AllMediaLab and @beatngu

Thank you for the advice.

Likewise with WP, for CI all it needs is integrate into the “view” component. We can then design and develop the CI Views which can be tested using the CI controllers. This is the same for Laravel. If i can do that, i can test the view within PG and make the fixes on a WYSIWYG basis. Instead of ding-dong workflow which we use now. The ding-dong workflow means that i have to do the page in PG to get the WYSIWYG and then port it into CI View, add the PHP “echo” to put the template code , test it, then repeat the same cycle for each fix.

Its really very simple. especially when they can do the snippets for WP. Once such software has partly done this -Radsystems - who have integrated the development with Laravel, Vuejs, and Quasar but their front-end stack sucks.

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Can you share a small, simplified view page so that I can see how you are modifying the PG output to bring it into your CI project?

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Hi @RobM ,

Something odd happen. I imported a partial code from CI4 and PG gave me some interesting results. Somehow the php code driven html showed up.See the screenshot in the link below

I am testing innovative tomorrow. This is what i am going to do:

(1) What you in the screenshot is the partial containing active page content.
(2) This partial is loaded in a CI4 template as raw HTML code with embedded php template code.
(3) I am intending to create this partial as a section content like other items




(4) if i did that, then, based on the results of the screenshot i got, i could edit and design the active content and save into CI itself.
(5) I can then test CI without all the porting and additional code reviews. Sort of integrating PG into CI4.

I will keep you posted once i have tested.

It’s an optional addon. I don’t see the problem as you don’t have to pay for it if you don’t want to work with WordPress.

As for your concern about the development team expending their efforts on WP instead of platform of your choice, I think they are getting a good return on their time investment. Else they would focus on other facets of the program. I would also like them to work on stacks that I work with, but I realise they can’t cater to everyone’s needs because there are thousands of different frameworks out there.

Personally, I used Pinegrow WP only once for a project and it was fantastic. I didn’t have to write a single line of PHP and the client was happy with the end product. So yeah, they can’t do everything, but I’m happy that whatever the PG team does, they do it wonderfully.

Hi @RobM @Antzy

Its ok. I resolved it. I got it working well with CI4 views. only sad part is that i had 2 problems:

(1) The partials part did not work like it says in the documentation (perhaps there were no real good tutorial both in PG and Youtube) and also as per advice from Rob. I tried to connect the existing partial from CI4 into PG partial but PG kept annoying me with wanting to “save” instead of “load”.
(2) The master page was good but the editable fields did not help either. I am still trying.

Anyway, in the meantime due to me other works, I managed to get an interim solution working though I still had to cut and paste into the editable field and then port over manually.

I understand the position of PG but remember there is a large community that is working with Joomla, CI4 and Laravel and others are now focusing on these as WP is grossly unsuited for larger mission critical apps. We have managed integrate so many things with Laravel, CI4, Joomla (Version 4.1 looks like a wow), Vuejs, Nuxtjs and Quasar.

We will continue to use PG as modelling tool until something better happens or comes along.

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I too agree that PG spends far too much time and energy upgrading the WP features, while spending little time innovating the CORE product.

But I believe that PG was founded on WP development, and that is their bread and butter. So they are going to continue to focus primarily on WP for the years ahead, even if the rest of us don’t give a damn about WP.

While each person can have and express their own opinion, I would point out items like the new Design panels for Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, and plain HTML build systems, incorporation of the Tailwind CSS JIT compiler, new systems for working with fonts, and creation of a low-code animation system with the GreenSock library and Integration add-on. I’m likely forgetting some other improvements, but none of those require WordPress.


I use dominantly PG for wordpress. I hope they continue to support wp themes. Its amazing job. And on this category, there is no alternative except for Pinegrow.

Good for you. Stick with WP but explore the rest of the world. Hopefully, you see there are better things.

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