Migrating from Dreamweaver to Pinegrow

I am migrating my websites from Dreamweaver to Pinegrow. I would appreciate any recommendations on how to migrate the Dreamweaver’s equivalent of Pinegrow’s master pages and libraries to Pinegrow.

I am migrating because Dreamweaver is not supported in Ubuntu, and Adobe’s elimination of perpetual licenses for it.

Migration is as simple as just opening the files in PG as for DW template pages unfortunately they wont migrate to the PG master page system so you will be stuck with editing each page individually. I am gradually rebuilding my larger templated DW sites to PG using the master pages and getting much better code for it

Copy and paste comes to mind. Though you have to do this for each page. Load up DW before you cancel your ACC account and load up the master pages and code sections and copy and paste directly into Pinegrow to the relevant area.

Loading up DW is no longer an option. The web pages were created using a perpetually licensed Dreamweaver MX installation. I no longer have the installation disks, nor the license key. The computer that Dreamweaver installation was on irreparably failed.

Furthermore, the OS on my new computer is Ubuntu for privacy and performance reasons. I am not sure if Dreamweaver will work running under Wine or Crossover.

My hope is that there is software already in existence that can do the conversion. Failing that, I am hoping there are search and replace operations that I might come up with, or someone else already has, to do all or part of it. The last resort is to do it all manually.

I am reluctant to open a temporary Dreamweaver account because I do not like Adobe’s subscription only business model, and so do not want to support it.

You could open the page in a browser then copy and paste the code from the source code or You could use "site sucker: to download alll the files including images, css etc - then open each page in PG but you will still be stuck with DW bloated code

Adobe has a 7 day free Dreamweaver CC trial so you can use that to migrate to PG as suggested.