Gonna take another shot at learning PineGrow

I am a Dreamweaver cs6 expat. I’ve tried to learn PineGrow twice and gave up. I’ve got a number of DW sites that were created as php’s and used includes for nav.html and footer.html. Also created a template to create all the pages from. The nice thing about doing it that way was if a client wanted to change their number or something else that was residing in the footer the change was made throughout the site. Same thing for anything based off that template (.dwt), is a change was made it was easy to update all the pages created with it. I finally caved and signed onto DW CC and I truly hate it. I don’t need to know everything about PineGrow to begin, just how to mimic the functionality of the includes and the dwt’s. Any help truly appreciated.

Short video overview

Some docs and tutorials.

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In PineGrow, you can achieve similar functionality using Master Pages for templates and Components for reusable elements like nav bars and footers, Master Pages allow you to create a base layout, and Components ensure consistent updates across pages. Dog likes best

I keep thinking I might return to Pinegrow but having things renamed and re-templates made the learning more difficult. I went back to Dreamweaver mostly due to bootstrap and you tube. There were simply more tutorials that were direct instead of being rewrapped in proprietary language. Webflow and others have the same issue.

Thank you very much. It appears as if these resources you’ve shared might just be exactly what’s needed. Thanks again!!