My first work with Pinegrow

That´s what I´ve done:
Regards Uwe


Currently offline because the cms used is not compatible with PHP 8. But I transfer the design to a Wordpress theme.

HI, I meant to reply before, As I thought your site was pretty nice! but I did notice some odd behaviour with the translation actions.

I THINK … (As I cant remember now) that when I hit the back button or such like, it would revert to German again and possibly then wouldnt translate BUT… I cant remember precisely. I thought I had posted a reply to you about it… I now see it didnt send my post.

OOPS, my bad! SOrry :slight_smile: and now I cant check it out to confirm, but maybe check it yourself before going live again.

OR… it might have been some browser madness my end *Brave browswer with Shields UP for all sites and lots of things BLOCKING etc)