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Hello everyone,

I’m new to Pinegrow and this is my first post here.
I use Pinegrow Theme Converter to convert pages made in Webflow to WordPress.

I have normal posts and two custom post types on the website I’m working on, and I want to set up custom pages containing those posts.
For example, I have a custom post type “Trips” and there is a post “Miami”
so the path will be like: but there’s nothing under the link:, it redirects to the home page.
If I create a page called “Trips” it won’t work because the name is already taken.

So how do I create a custom page containing my custom posts “Trips” that will be under the link: www. mypage . com / trips ?

Hi @Grzegorz,
For your CPT are you using a dedicated template? Like single-trips.php? This and checking your permalink settings on the WordPress side should give the results you are looking for. Here is a link to this topic for the full Pinegrow, but should give you some insight into what needs to be done with the Theme Converter. A guide to WordPress templates for posts, pages and custom post types | Pinegrow Web Editor

Thank you for your reply.

Single post works fine,
I was asking about the page above that should contain the loop of posts.

I can set up a static page with a template I desire but it can’t be “Trips” it can be “Next-trips” for example.

So the path for the post will be mypage / trips / mypost
but mypage / trips doesn’t exist
and the page containing the loop will be mypage / next-trips


Hi @Grzegorz,
Do you mean an archive page? It would be a template like archive-trips.php. That would contain a loop pulling in the various trip CPT.

Apparently, it is about the archive page.

I have created template archive-trips.php and nothing happened.

It should be on mypage / trips ?

Is there something I should do?


To be direct, without knowing what you put in your page, it will be difficult for us to answer you.

Have you had a chance to check out our dedicated WordPress support guide available here: Contact Us | Pinegrow Web Editor

Thank you

I will dig into it.

I’ve done everything from scratch and Custom posts works OK.

But I have a few more issues:
1 Why this page looks like this:
instead like this:

2 Why there’s nothing on search result site?

login: aardvark
pass: gentle

I’ve had enough of it, can someone help me commercially?

During the development steps, in order to easily debug theme templates, I HIGHLY recommend the following plugin:

Hi @Grzegorz,
For some reason,loading your image through inline styling is losing the width. Not sure why. Setting the width to 100vw displays the image, but the flow still isn’t quite right. My best guess is that something further up the page is disturbing the flow, or I don’t understand inline vs stylesheet handling of background well enough.
I don’t quite get your second question.

Thank you for the fast replays.

@Emmanuel I will check it out but I’m not a PHP coding person I don’t know if it will be much of a help.

@RobM My second question was about the search result page, it looks like this:

This is the project I’m struggling to convert to a WordPress theme:

Best regards

In fact, it’s not about PHP, the information provided is very interesting so you can (among MANY other things) check which template is really used for the display of a view, the current conditions etc …