Help on creating templates for CPT

Hello everyone,

I’m really fond of this Pinegrow software. Bought everything. And I love it. I already completed the first steps for creating a theme, but I’m stuck on this:

I have created a Custom Post Type, called services, and I list them on the homepage. But now I want to add a page, page-services.html, so that if one clicks on one of the services, it shows:

  • the service clicked in a big layout (full details and such)
  • and at the bottom of the page, all the other services in a smaller layout.

But how do I create that page in Pinegrow? I already clicked Project, Add new page but the page is not translated to php and doesn’t seem to be part of the theme whatsoever?

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@24degrees The page gets exported to your theme folder when you save or use the export option.

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Hi Rob,

Thanks for your lightening fast reply.

Yes indeed, the page is definitely exported to the export folder. First, I made a mistake: the name should be single-services.html, not page-services.html. I think it is working now.

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