PineGrow and ChromeOS

Anyone know if PineGrow can be installed and work on a Chromebook running the latest ChromeOS?

Pinegrow Online works perfectly on a Chromebook :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This does sound exciting, @Emmanuel.
Will Pinegrow Online cloud accounts be structured so we can be assured adequate storage for all our other sites already developed with our local PG app? And will we be able to access our cloud account on any platform/device/OS and with any browser? Have you determined minimum memory and/or CPU requirements? Will your cloud interface seamlessly with other established cloud services e.g. iCloud, Azure, Amazon, Google, etc. we may already be using?

Hello @randyrie

Pinegrow Online will be a separate service from Pinegrow Desktop which will remain our flagship product and the recommended solution for power users.

Also, there will also be no changes in PWE being available both as a one time payment or a subscription.