Introducing Pinegrow Online 🌲

Hi, Matjaz from Pinegrow here.

Today, we have something special to share with you - Pinegrow Online.


Pinegrow Online is a cloud version of Pinegrow Web Editor that runs in your browser.

It has most of the features of its desktop sibling, including support for Bootstrap 5, Tailwind CSS and plain HTML projects, Design panel, Blocks library, CSS styling, CSS Grid editor, Interactions, integrated Monaco code editor and more.

On top of these powerful features, comes the magic of being able to take an inspiring idea, implement it and share it with the world, without friction.

Pinegrow Online is currently in closed beta. Still, you can use it right now, without an account, and whatever you create is saved in the browser storage on your computer. You can also download your projects, if it is not using Interactions.

At this stage we will be using Pinegrow Online for sharing our templates (Designs of the week and others), example projects and tutorials. You will see online projects embedded as examples on our forum and featured in the newsletter.

We will gradually open the platform to the public and onboard users in stages, to make sure that our infrastructure scales accordingly.

To get on the waiting list for the account, please sign up here.

To get started today, take a look at the featured projects and play with them in the editor.

Learn more & try Pinegrow Online »

Check out the FAQ for more information about the product vision, pricing, hosting and more.

Have fun with Pinegrow Online!
Matjaz & the Pinegrow Team


Amazing milestone in Pinegrow’s journey :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:


… and is far quicker in my bloated with a thousand tabs browser… than I expected.

Life has taken over me right now (Life is what happens when your making plans) But, this is worth exploring in my meagre spare time and I already see a use for the Human Timeline Project and
I want to see when I check the site out on my Android tablet!

That would break me free from hardware limitations. well, it might :wink:

hitting CMD+E and having the code editor appear gave me warn fuzzies…
Now, lets see what happens with CMD+Z and undo… gulp.

Android, I now have CHEESE invented on the Human Timescale :slight_smile:
On the go edits now possible, mobile content uploads from tablet etc… this is a new avenue to explore!

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Wow! Complimenti.
Just one thing please, do not ever kill the local version of the app.


HI, will open remote URL be available at some point?

if this could open a remote site from browser tab, edit, then save that back to server, that would be fab.

By that I mean, you could use another app to save it back to server (external ftp etc) - but that would involve accessing the stored in browser data. I’ve not idea how that would happen with cached data etc.

This is already a fab addition to the Pinegrow stable…er…Forest.
Then this could be used as an on the go editing tool.

But like @red-rosefields says, the Desktop version would be the main workhorse.
This is inspiring.
Well done.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Just one thing please, do not ever kill the local version of the app.

A couple of users asked about this. Pinegrow Web Editor remains our flagship product and the recommended solution for power users. There will also be no changes in PWE being available both as a one time payment or a subscription.

Our code base is structured in such a way that we can deploy it either as a desktop application or a browser based web service.

Having an online version was always high on my wish list, but there was never time for doing that. In the past year my son and I spent evenings creating HTML Planet for Kids, a web based HTML & CSS course and editor for children. As a side effect, we got Pinegrow to run nicely in the browser and launching Pinegrow Online was just one extra step.


I concur with @red-rosefields !!

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Excellent, I was concerned you were going to do an Adobe creative suite, abandoning users not wanting to go cloud.


Hi, is the Timeline project available for download?
to use in the PG app?

I tried opening the url of the version and…well
It didnt work out to well.

This one?

To download a project for use in the app, make sure you are in the editor of the online version. Then click on the “Menu” button at the top and select “More”. This will bring up a context menu that has a download selection. This will deliver a zipped version of the project.

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Super duper! Ta very much :slight_smile:

Hi. My english is very limited, sorry.
If there was one thing I liked about Pinegrow, it was that it was a desktop application.
I know it’s going to remain a desktop application for the time being, but…

@Josan, just in case you missed Matjaz’s note…


I think the online version would be good for educational settings possibly, those learning. I can see the benefits to it for prototyping also.

For the desktop application, I’m hoping at some point you’ll be looking into more/better/powerful ways to integrate PHP into WP projects… our team uses this still for starting projects, but we’re never able to finish due to the need for blocks of procedural PHP to be inserted, or custom PHP needs to occur that doesn’t quite fit the UI guided insertions. So, we export the WP-ready HTML as a PHP theme package and do it the old-school way to finish the project. It’s frustrating, because we’re so close and would love to keep a project in PG as some sort of “source code” in a way, to rebuild in case the client does something wrong. It leaves professional users like out of a full integration while we watch other products being developed – we feel that PG still has room to grow in this regard, it needs that enhanced PHP support and better integration with ACF.

We just don’t want to see this become another “no code necessary” consumer grab-bag like Divi and Elementor quickly became. The whole reason why we have this (speaking only for us) is to get a finished product in the hands of the client faster than doing this from scratch every single time. Code is always necessary for us, so we’re trying to take this product as far as possible.


Thanks @dcneuts! I sent you a message with follow up questions about PG WP.

Just saw that, thanks! Yes, I’ll get some info together and email you on what our challenges have been. Most appreciated!


With the announcement of PG offering an online app, I eagerly dusted off an old 2008 15-inch Macbook and installed Ubuntu 20.04 on it - only to learn that Apple’s native Airport Extreme WiFI card will NOT work in linux. I tried just about every “fix” I could find via Google searches but none worked. I learned from the experts at OWC that their Edimax EW-7811UnV2 may work on the old 2008 MacBook Pro - so I ordered one which should arrive in a few days.

Meanwhile I tried other Linux distros to see if any would work with the Airport Extreme card ‘out-of-the-box’. I downloaded and installed Linuxmint 20.2 and with a couple of tweaks, it now recognizes my WiFi network and works well. I’ll update this post when I’ve installed the Edimax EW-7811UnV2 external USB to report on its success or failure to work.

Seems like Apple has suddenly become fearful of alternate OS’s being installed on their Macs? Linux will ONLY work under a VM where it can ‘tap’ into its parent’s working WiFi. This is because of the T2 chips installed on their newer Macs, I’ve learned. (So hang on to your old Macs since they were not thusly handicapped when they were built). I also learned that some Linux distros are working on updates to get their WiFI to work without the risk of user PTSD.

I’ll end with a heavy sigh :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You could get a usb wifi thats what I did for my 2009 Macbook.