Pinegrow inconsistent with registering blocks

Do not export seems for me the approach which fits more in the current workflow.

But that would mean, that PG has to generate all files which normally get auto exported whenever you turn your project into a WP-Theme into your project-folder (for flagging them later). So that you can manually pick then which files not to export, default could still remain then to export everything and as you do it with other files you would need to add the “do not export” to files you don’t want to be auto-generated!

Written in a few lines, but I guess could be not that easy to implement, as always with feature requests! :wink:

Got the light theme working in PG Live. Temporary mind lapse. Age happens!

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@iHuman why not use Function action or PHP code blocks directly in the header on the source page, so that any custom code is defined there and will be exported into the header.php? In this way, everything would defined be in the same place (in index.html for example).

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@matjaz when I insert anything into Pinegrows header.php (includes, etc) it get’s overwritten. I guess I could add custom functions for meta-data etc in the functions.php file (wait…can’t edit that one either)…the custom.php file, but it’s not ideal. Any reason you overwrite header.php and functions.php? How about an option to disable overwrites selectively?

Most of the sites I was building prior to Pinegrow were all hand coded. (Also all Tailwind with Gulp) So I have a system of includes that works really well for me. It’s not necessary for me to have a visual editor like Pinegrow…but I do enjoy it! Pinegrow has convenient features. Can you explain why you overwrite certain files?

@iHuman to add custom code in functions.php, do it in the source project (not in the exported theme) and add your code outside of PG generated sections:

/* Pinegrow generated Load Text Domain Begin */

//This will be overwritten
/* Pinegrow generated Load Text Domain End */

//This will be kept

That said, if you regenerate function.php, any custom edits will be lost.

Therefore it is best to add custom code into inc/custom.php file in the source project.

PG overwrites files that it generates, including headers and function.php.

We could add the following simple logic:

  1. PG generates file A
  2. If file A exists in the source project, do not export the file A and instead use the A from the source project

There would have to be some kind of visible warning in order to let users know what is happening, and to avoid confusion as to why some changes done to HTML are not reflected in the exported theme.

This would not work for functions.php because PG needs to control many things in there. The above mentioned would have to be used for that.

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Great info @matjaz! Adding the logic for the header.php would be wonderful. Thank you. The more I use Pinegrow…the more I love it! I’ve coded sites without a visual editor, moved to Elementor for a while, then Oxygen. I came across Bricks and Pinegrow about the same time…and have been loving it! I’ve been spreading the word on an Oxygen group I’m part of. Pinegrow is a great app, with excellent support. Kudos!


The latest PG Live 6.7.2 addresses the issues mentioned in this topic. See details below and please report any issues into their respective forum topics. Note, these features are considered Beta for now.

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This is affecting WooCommerce themes/sites aswell.

Basically for anyone who is new to the builder and learning it for the first time (like me), will be doing alot of deleting/redoing/copy/paste/moving elements/changing attributes/changing wordpress actions etc…

So we are destined to reproduce these bugs.

At the moment for me, I cant edit the header & footer for my product archive pages. No matter what I do, they stay the same, hardcoded. I tried deleting the WP export folder, then the header and footer got deleted completely (or replaced by default WP header&footer) but didn’t get replaced with my own custom header and footer when I re-exported the theme.

Are you sure you cant release the bug fixes you mention in a sub-release so we can try and hope it works, so we can continue working on our sites and be happy Pinegrow users :slight_smile:

I sent a ticket to your support aswell regarding this.



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@madjedo Although they are related to a header concern, there is no immediate indication that your issues are similar. As you indicate, a support procedure is underway with you.

So the issue is now fixed and was not related. :slight_smile:

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