Error while exporting Wordpress Theme (fixed)

Ever since the update, I get the following error whenever I export my project.

When I go to my project, the blocks on this page are no longer available. Any Ideas?

(Update) Removing the Wordpress Block Smart Action “Block Attributes” that were being used as images allowed export. But now I don’t have a way to allow editing of images in my blocks. I reverted back to Pinegrow 7.8 and the exports now work fine. It seems to be an issue with the way 7.92 is exporting or perhaps the way it exports themes made in 7.8?

@aussieaudio can you please send your project to so that we can investigate? Thanks!

I have same issue, and today I sent an email.
Hope you will soon find and repair the issue!

How can I download the previous version?


You can find all the releases of Pinegrow on the Pinegrow documentation site.

@verpapa Your feedback is related to the WordPress plugin.
We have responded to your support inquiry in order to assist you in determining the source of your issue.

@Emmanuel Thank you for your quick help! mod_sec rules blocked my site, so hosting company resolved the issue.

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