Pinegrow redesigned UI concept

I’m a designer who discovered Pinegrow around four years ago as I wanted to get into WordPress development without having to rely on quirky pagebuilders and let met create the layouts as I designed them, not as they ware possible in the pagebuilder. And in this it has been very effective! As such, in the capacity of me being a designer, I thought I’d give redesigning the Pinegrow interface a try and see where I would end up. Below here is the result. Tell me what you think.


I think the radiuses on the boxes should be smaller.


I like it a lot, but I agree with printninja the radius is way too big.
Maybe a subtle 5 px or max 10 px should do the trick.

I am talking about the panels , i do not mind the button shaped radius on the file selection on top and the tree selection. The floating side panel also looks great!

A redesign or a refactoring, what will this be?

A redesign requires you to complete redesign something from scratch (imo).

A refactoring requires you to complete refactor what’s given.

So, is this a redesign or a refactoring? Because the key difference is functionality

The above is fan-made😉

It’s a preference thing I suppose.
To me the more pronounced rounding gives a little more “style” than a lesser rounding would. I can’t really explain why, it’s more of a feeling as such my reference to preference.


And as I said to printninja, the rounding is sort of a preference… There is no real right or wrong answer to it I suppose

As was already said, this is a fan made design.

To me what you distinguish here sound more like semantics, though I do understand on some level why you make the distinction.

If we are going by your definition, it’s more of a refactoring than a redesign.

By my definition however, a refactoring is in its own way also a redesign. Perhaps not of the functionality, but a “touch up” of purely the visual elements could also be called a “redesign” as far as I’m concerned as the elemnts you see on screen and how some of them are altered in appearence and visualisation is also a “design”. But that’s how I see that.

You mix up so many definitions that none of them separate and clarify what you do and why. I got it that it was fanmade, what else? Your debating form & function in a fiction where both have no meaning, as appearance is a somatical significant psychological effect. Designers make choices, not problems, and this is the nirvana-bias; you create a new Nirvana for Pinegrow users, yet the result is a decline of what once was a trustworthy face and workhorse. It looks like slick, but that’s the problem to me. And good design is user-facing, not reinventing the face users know.

Why do you double down on this? What’s it to you? Can’t you just say I like/don’t like what you did and leave it at that? Why give me the third degree over something I did in my spare time over barely a couple of hours?

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Indeed, this is about sharing an inspiration around the Pinegrow interface, not a rhetoric contest on what is UX, design etc. …

Thanks @Roel for sharing.