Pinegrow shuts down on both of my laptops

I have a regular laptop and a hybrid laptop/tablet. After loading Pinegrow on both, when I click to open an html page, it gives me the “Loading…” screen and then completely shuts down, with no error.

If I open a folder/project, it opens successfully with the links to all html pages on the left. I click on any html and it shuts down after the “Loading…” page opens.

If I create a new project and an html page, all good. When I shut down and attempt to open the html page, that too makes the program shut down.

I can open the sample Pinegrow page, but no other html page.

I have checked the support page and the program does go through the firewall on both, I’ve disabled javascript in settings in both, and still the shutdown occurs.

At wits end…

Hi there @DanO
It would be good, if you could list:

what Operating system,
Which version of Pinegrow

and also, if you fire up pinegrow, and dont open anything, so it doenst crash, then check the Pinegrow log as it says here

*Open File -> Developer tools and check the Console tab for clues.

If you can’t solve the problem, contact us at and attach the output of the Console tab and if possible a ZIP archive of your complete website. We treat all user-submitted material as confidential and delete it after the investigation is complete.*

in the Dev Tools log, if its written in RED, it isnt good :slight_smile:

Windows 10 on both systems.
Pinegrow 4.3 but I tried installing 4 and it did the same.

I don’t think attaching any of the html files in any folder is applicable as it has to do with Chrome/Windows extensions.

I’m getting two red errors in the console log:

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND gray_gradient.jpg


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘Window’ of undefined
at Object. (extensions::nw.Window:174:38)
at Object.handleRequest (extensions::binding:64:27)
at Object. (extensions::binding:377:32)
at HTMLAnchorElement. (:0:0)
at HTMLAnchorElement.dispatch (chrome-extension://elfklefagfhlkddfmepokbemlndinnbb/lib/jquery/jquery-2.2.3.min.js:3:7537)
at HTMLAnchorElement.r.handle (chrome-extension://elfklefagfhlkddfmepokbemlndinnbb/lib/jquery/jquery-2.2.3.min.js:3:5620)

mmm, I think that 2nd one might be a culprit.
Window cant be read… something to do with Javascript…
and node (which is what PG is running on)

at Object. (extensions::nw.Window:174:38)
I guess that is NodeWorker going KABOOM.

Again, I could be wrong, but flag this up for @Emmanuel to see on this forum, and they will probably get back to you to find out a bit more – or point you to a solution.

I see you have Javascript disabled already.
MMmmm I know that other people have mentioned something like this before and there was a lengthy remove all pinegrow traces on windows sketch and then reinstall, and then it was dandy! but that was some time ago. I will see if I can find it now.

mm cant see that right now, but

from here

there is

Pinegrow crashes when I open my page

Try disabling Javascript.
Check if your page loads any oversized images, for example larger than 5 MB. Loading many of such images can exhaust the memory.

do you have any HUGE pages, not optimised for web on your page?
NOTE these are the OLDER docs for OLDER versions. BUT there is a load of still useful.relevent info there, just the user interface for older versions is different.

new docs

old docs

n.b, I am just another user too, so just trying to help you out here , until a competant adult comes along :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, probably the 2nd error having to do with windows. Can’t imagine a simple jpg would cause a hard crash.
  2. Don’t believe it’s large files. I’ve created a simple new project twice with no images and a simple blank html page. Closed out, opened and opening the blank html file it still crashes.
  3. Yes, saw the post on someone else having Pinegrow crash. Which led me to disable javascript.

Ok, I’m not sure, Ive been searching for the previous completely remove Pinegrow then uninstal it links… but I did find some pretty werid causes of Pinegrow crashes… incliuding some sites having 32767 calls to some random script in them! (created with “Blocks” program - oops)

Ok, I will leave this now @Emmanuel or to deal with … or someone more knowledgeable, which will save them the effort :slight_smile:

back to cleaning out hard drives for me… sigh

Thanks anyway schpengle. Yes, I’ve come across those areas you mentioned on the forum.

I’m beginning to believe it is a file path issue with my Microsoft login and how Pinegrow sets the path names.

My user account is Dan O’Shea and when I look on the Pinegrow thumbnail files recently opened, the file path when I hover over a thumbnail starts out c:\Dan O’Shea\My Documents/website\index.html with the apostrophe. Yet recreating a user on my laptop without an apostrophe and Pinegrove’s hovering link states: “My Documents\website\index.html” It may be that something changed in Pinegrove that won’t accept a Username (file path) with an apostrophe creates a bad issue.

oh that could be a good catch.
as Pinegrow Runs its own internal webserver… which is what "serves* the pages you view. as you probably know.
And I dont know any webserver that woudln’t go beserk at " O’Shea’ " in the path name :slight_smile:
also, its probably a typo , but

when you wrote
c:\Dan O’Shea\My Documents/website\index.html
is the / infront of website intentionally the opposite way to the others , or is it a windows convention thing?

just incase you copied and pasted it and its not a typo, and there is something even wierder.

but anyway, with this new user and simpler name, does Pinegrow fire up and work?

Sorry, I typed the path with the errors, yes, should all be .

And yes, creating a new username and opening Pinegrow, it doesn’t crash. So I’m now sure it is the username with the apostrophe.

I have to figure out how to rename my username which, because it is the main Microsoft account to sign in, I’m having trouble figuring out. I certainly don’t want to have to log in as another user just to use Pinegrow.

Oh, well done on nailing that.
And if/when PG devs see this, maybe they will set up some sort of escape charecter setup for names like yourself and other dialects.
until then GOOD LUCK! and well done on nailing that one.
but its a pain I can imagine

The problem is fixed.

Thanks to schpengle for some help. It always does help to have someone give their thoughts too to continue pursuing all angles.

It was the apostrophe in my windows account name which when I initially set up when I purchased this computer, also added the apostrophe in the User path - c:\Users\Dan O’Shea\

I had to change the User folder path name from …\Dan O’Shea… to …\danoshea… so that Pinegrow would not crash.

Until Pinegrow adds some sort of escape characters script in their program, this will have to be some type of fix for the few that don’t realize the ramifications of some characters in their name that is programming “resistant.”

Changing a Windows account name is not difficult. What can be convoluted and complicated is changing the folder path of a Windows user name.

The best way I have found how so that I could get Pinegrow to not crash because of the apostrophe, was to do the following, which as I said, having to change the folder file path of my User account name.

To rename your user account folder under C:\Users, you need to find your user account’s security identifier (SID).

There is a special console command to use to obtain information about user accounts in Windows 10 to find the SID, and plenty of other information.

Start Windows Command in the search box: cmd

At the command prompt, type:

wmic useraccount list full

Note the SID value for your windows login account. You may have more than one account, be sure to make note of the right one.

You cannot rename the current user profile which you are signed in with. You need to use another user account with administrative privileges. If you don’t have another administrative account, you have to create one before proceeding. Then, sign out from the user account whose profile folder you need to rename and sign-in with the other administrative account.

Once in your other administrative account, open File Explorer, go to the c:\Users folder from you wish to change and rename your profile folder to what you want.

After you’ve renamed the account, open Registry Editor.

Go to the following Registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

In the left pane, find the key named by the SID value you’ve noted. This key is related to the profile which you’ve renamed.

Look at the value data for the ProfileImagePath parameter on the right. Modify it according to the new path to the profile you have renamed.

Close Regedit.exe and restart Windows 10.

You will have to uninstall and reinstall or repair some programs like Dropbox and Outlook to work again.

Pinegrow will no longer crash.


Oh man! well done, that is some Heavy, Scary lifting you had to do there with your OS and other apps.
Awesome on nailing it, and yeah the PG devs, read most everything in here they say, so I’m pretty sure this will get flagged up as OMG … need to find a way around this/ implement escape characters etc.

And, as an aside, I guess you are running other local server instances too, like wamp/mamp/docker etc,
how do THOSE server instances deal with your profile/account name in your path?

what paths do they use and how do they run?
oh and Kudos to you too :slight_smile:

Yes, I have Wamp. There was no issue with the profile name. It may be they have an escape script included with their program.
Pinegrow support did contact me to tell me to uninstall, clear the Pinegrow’s folder under the profile and reinstall, so they may have incorporated an escape script. I don’t know as I decided on both my laptops to change the profile path name. A bit of work to reinstall dropbox and remove my email settings and reinstall Outlook. But I should have known having any character besides letters/numbers, nothing good comes from it. :slight_smile:
Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, I see something new.
You’d think I’d learn there’s never an end to chasing the rabbit…

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Truly Resilient! an IrishMan through and through, @Rob would be proud of you! :slight_smile:


@DanO Some great problem solving going on… well done.

Thank you @Rob It was quite the destination by subtraction…

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