Opening URL causes Pinegrow to break its Saved workspace Layout

Here you go,

100% repeatable, -we like these sorts of bugs :slight_smile:
I go to the following URL

(note, Pinegrow doesn’t render the top right pink element image correctly
If I preview this in browser, it renders fine!)
close Project - nothing happens,
close File - File closes

and is followed by

Oops Invalid Layout -please restart Pinegrow warning.
so, …I ignore that and am presented with a blank pinegrow screen

NB it would be really nice if I was presented with my VISUAL sites. here
not a blank screen after closing files.**

then open another site via open recent
and…>Game over!
I have a blank screen, followed by a FULL screen view (which renders the top right corner image correctly!)

Update to this.

I am now unable to close most any file.
every time I open a page, then close it immediately I don’t even have to do anything. I get this.


every single time.

and If I try to do something anyway and Ignore it, for instance I just tried to do the create a new bootstrap file from your templates to follow a video tutorial, I get this


so in frustration/curiosity Ive removed 5.21 and gone back to 4.9 and its single page.

guess what? - I couldn’t find my tree or the Page Code view anymore!

SO I checked and found this

Yep this is 4.9 which DOESNT have multi screen support, but
now… its showing me the options - from the newer one and is stuck on the dual screen workspace -which doenst work correctly for me in 5.21
and sure as heck doesn’t work here .

I have that large black square… which is immobile.
and the other panels dissapear as they move behind it.

Once I changed it to the older workspace, tada! there was the page code view and tree again.

ok will try and reinstall 5.21 now then

NO, ok, its broken.

One of my page layouts (the one I want!)
Breaks Pinegrow every time.

Where do I find the layout settings in a file to send to you?

Left Screen

Right screen

This breaks Pinegrow.
It is unusable every time after closing a file, followed by that warning about Invalid workspace layout

…I’ve never had an unusable Pinegrow before!

I would try deleting ALL Pinegrow files and reinstalling fresh. Sounds like some preferences file got corrupted and is surviving your installations.

Ok Pinegrow is now unusable here.

Version 5.21
Mac OS X High Sierra,
Cannot close files without it giving me the invalid Workspace error.

I am going to stop using it now,
Until someone from Pinegrow gets back to me on this one.

I will also email.

Besides re-install Pinegrow, did you also try to reset Pinegrow to clear all settings and the internal Pinegrow DB. See this documentation page with a short video that explains how you could reset Pinegrow in the Development tools.

cheers, will check that out now.
But I dont actually want to do that, right now, because if it is currently in a broken state after creating a layout, I want to be able to save the state fo the broken parts and send it to the devs, so that they can figure out what has gone wrong and so thereby, prevent it happening again…and again. to others.

But thanks a Lot I will check that out now and If I dont here from them in a day or two, oh well, unlucky, Ill chuck the old stuff out :slight_smile:

Great, thanks for that! Just checked it out now.
I will do that (or whatever is suggested by @matjaz or @Emmanuel) as soon as I know which files to back up and save for the PinePeople :slight_smile:

I dont like the thought of my pineHounds staring at an empty screen…

It looks like Pinegrow 4 and 5 shares the same internal DB storage, with settings/license and stuff. Thats probably also the reason why you got saved “multi-window” workspaces from v5 shown inside v4.

Well, this worked!
Cheers @Marf
Excellent… I have however lost all the recent files/projects/links from the start page, so cant find the original offending URLS etc to open as they have now all dissapered into the ether.
but it works.

Good to hear that your problems are fixed!

By resetting Pinegrow this way, indeed ALL internal Pinegrow settings/storage is cleared and everything is fresh again like a new install.

yeah glad it worked cheers :slight_smile:
Pity I couldn’t save anything to send to the PG team, but I guess they are busy, so will never know what bOrked it now.
oh well :slight_smile:
There are plenty more bugs in the sea…

and did you notice my latest post about the 2 differing edit code views?

@schpengle if you can still replicate the bug with broken layout, please download 5.3 and send me the output of Current workspace layout in File -> Dev tools -> Console.

Sorry to disappoint you @matjaz, but I CAN’T!
Yay! :slight_smile:

I have not had that problem since having to Nuke my previous Installation,
I do however still have all the previous install files in my recycle bin if any of them are still of any use to yourselves for debugging.


and here

If the contents of the console would be in there, let me know, but I dont have that constant error now.

I suppose, at a push, I could try to restore them …to see if I get the same results… but, I would rather not! - That ship has sailed and I’d rather not take a trip on it again thanks. :slight_smile:

Also, with regards the missing parts on that URL I opened (which didn’t appear in Pinegrow)
It’s due. to

  1. The top right Pink flower, has the pg-empty-placeholder class and NO other one. (I had to hunt through the Add Class panel to find the flower class and add it

  2. The bottom leaves also have the same pg-empty-placeholder class applied but DOES have the leaf class.

Having said there, is there a way to SELECT the Stylesheet/stylesheets which are listed in the add class panel?

if so, could someone point me to the docs?

if not, this maybe a #feature-request (just want you want on the day of new release :slight_smile: )
But in this instance,

I want to add an unknown, existing named class, quickly, using the great add styles panel -but, I dont know what the name of the style is! - so I just want to view the available ones in the add styles panel.
in this case, it’s NOT. a bootstrap one, I know its custom and thats it.

SO how do I not get lost in all the framework classes, looking for a style from a custom stylesheet in here?

I am viewing a URL here ,
so again, I come up against this really annoying Pinegrow feature :stuck_out_tongue:

which brings me onto WHY cant I view the remote Stylesheet?

This seems silly.
Since PineGrow has downloaded it and is using it,
I realise I cant save it back to THIER server, but I would really really like to be able to work with it sometimes.

And just to clarify, I realise that I can VIEW and EDIT the remote stylesheet STYLES only via this

So ,I CAN view AND EDIT the styles of a remote URL in one view, by clicking stylesheet name,
but If I click the actual </> edit code icon next to the stylesheet name, I am told I cant!
With no option or advice to send me to the right place, where I CAN.

So If I click one thing to see the styles, I CAN view and edit the styles
If I click a different one to view them (that works usually on local) sites I CANT view or edit,
with no option to open the thing that CAN open/view/edit. Just a dead end pop up.
A biti fo a UI Faux Pas for new users… er and me when I forget :slight_smile:
Somewhat confusing.

Maybe Remote and inline styles cant be Edited in the Code Editor, but CAN be with the Manage Stylesheets tool.
Would you like to open it in that Instead?

message for the pop up?
possible with a remember this or don’t ask me again tick box,

BUT!!! … I guess that one more issue then, when you FINALLY do get to open and edit a remote stylesheet is that…in the manage stylesheets panel is that


ie, adding some orange to a previous image…

Ie, SO, while working on a remote url, I have downloaded the site and am comparing the pair and figuring out what is broken.

So I now have local and remote page file open
and using stylesheet manager, I have BOTH styles.css open.

so a bit confusing as I cant re arrange the order of stylesheet tabs in the manage stylesheet panel.
so now I can edit and save one
and I cant edit and save the other.
I can copy from one and paste to another
but cant do it the other way around.

All a bit confusing!
so maybe a different tab text colour to show files are Remote (red?) or suchlike? -this would help too.
Or a WHOLE separate REMOTE FILES… thing/tab/hamster/panel/pane… Not sure if this would be necessary though, but if working on BOTH a local version AND a remote version, some delineation of which is which in the visual tools would be nice.
I do this quite a bit when checking out the
Open from URL ability of Pinegrow.
I then sometimes download the site via


Or Save As
With Firefox.

SO that I can edit/compare/save etc. (Still mastering and learning)

I realise there are dev tools in both the latter browser and Chrome, but, I have difficulty using/reading the interfaces of them.
Ie, Not put the time in to master.
Pinegrow takes up that time, so I’d like to be able to use it :slight_smile:

or, am I doing this wrong?

if so, and I am a dufus, doing this completely wrong, please feel free to point me to the correct docs.
thanks and WELL DONE
On 5.3.


And All this is Great mind too :slight_smile:
Everytime Pinegrow makes me scratch my head , a lot of the time it is down to my misunderstanding of the web principles involved and make me look at and learn stuff.

Then sometimes, there are these examples.

OK I was just working on an example , suggested interface for the Add Classes Panel
But, ummm, I did something.

SO that is over in the #lounge channel , for you @matjaz