Pinegrow user interface enhancements

Hi all,
I’ve been tinkering with the wonderful Pinegrow (incl WP) for a year or two now but have never really developed anything major in it. I’ve gone through tons of the tutorials, vids and documentation but think I’ve just realised that it’s not the actual content and capability that’s holding me back, as capability is awesome (!), but it’s how I can pick out GUI sections more easily. I generally use the darker theme but, at a glance, have heaps of probs trying to distinguish each section of config, settings, lists etc, and had this idea that maybe I’m needing more highlighting, or emphasis, or colour etc on the GUI/user interface itself?
In trying to nail down what I’m on about, is it possible in the distant future to maybe allow the user custom changes in the actual user interface itself for the likes of section headings etc, such as (example 1) a colour range for headings, subheadings etc, or (example 2) font styling, instead of them all being same font, slightly differing sizes, same background, bold or otherwise (type thing)??
I hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes here; I just had an idea that distinguishing UI sections, lists, etc more graphically may help find stuff more easily??
Thanks for any advice thrown around. I love PG and its power is amazing! This is a thriving community!

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Hi @ScotteeBks,
I’m trying to make sure I understand your recommendations. Do you mean greater highlighting within the Library panel, or…?

Well! I like this idea.
I think he means, being able to change the styling of the PG UI.
e.g.the COLOUR SCHEME of the app itself.

so, like a theme on a text editor.
so the different section headers… say you could backlight the fonts section as YELLOW or such like.

so like using Felt tip markers on the bits you use the most… virtual post it notes.
and so you would know that the FONTS section is yellow and the other bits you want are two sections up, so you woudntl need to go mad and turn the whole thing into a rainbow, but it sure would help the likes of those visually challenged types like me.

Hi schpengle, Bob, et al,

Thanks heaps for your replies!

All on the right track I think. The initial thought was more the actual headings in the likes of the (for example) PROPERTIES section on-screen. I’m feeling, right or wrong, that the headings for each section get lost in the background a bit, but the possibility of changing the background colour (or transparency?) of individual sections (er.g. FONTS, LAYOUT, VISIBILITY etc) could be an advancement on what I was even thinking.

The LIBRARY panel is already quite readable as most sections are made up of a capitalised header, then boxes for available options. Where I was getting caught up mostly is in the likes of the PROPERTIES panel, for, when sections are all opened up, the headers blend in amongst themselves and each section’s content.

In the attachment (if it works!) the headers use the same font, size and colour, compared with each section’s content. So when you look at it sometimes it’s harder to pick up the actual headers from each section’s actual content… maybe I’m thinking too ergonomically here!!!

Maybe if the headers (e.g. here) “IMAGE Bootstrap 5 Blocks” could use a different colour background, colour, font size and type etc, compared with it’s content options of “Image fit”, and “Image fit position”. Or even allow customisation by the user of same? (Thinking out loud) How about even using CSS header rules on headings, sub-headings etc?

Actually, in looking at that same example above, even the main panel heading - “PROPERTIES FOR image img” uses the same font size, colour etc styling as do the sub-headings below.

Is that any clearer?! Your thoughts would be awesome, thanks!


Hi @ScotteeBks,
Thanks for the feedback. I’m taking a look to see where else might benefit from theming. If anyone else on the forum could chime in with these types of changes it would be cool. I know there was a post a while back with a radical redesign - lots of rounded corners.

@RobM yes, and didn’t that go down well :slight_smile:

not sure you can still burn a heretic at the stake…virtually… but yes I like this idea.
And since PG’s a visual design tool and … basically a web page, so I guess styled by CSS, hell aye!
why Not :slight_smile:

Waves hands in the air, like I really dont care, and just obfuscates away umpteen layers of programming complexity, to arrive at the end goal of a really pretty colour highlighted interface…>
Whats’ not to like about that eh?


I’ve used PG solidly for the past 18 months - it’s my goto tool for building and styling html. If you use PG regularly you really get used to where everything is - it really becomes second nature.

I’m not sure adding an extra layer of complexity so that you can style the editor is a good call… I haven’t seen this in other software… for example the range of Adobe software or Webflow for instance… stand to be corrected on that of course.

Just my penny’s worth!


Hi Tim,

Thanks for your thoughts. Yep, I understand where you’re coming from; more complexity isn’t always such a good thing. Any change to highlight sections etc would have to be done with subtlety. It could be a nightmare if changes became gaudy and over the top!!
Will see how it goes with some more intense use over the next few months.