Problem to edit and delete image on Wordpress Back Office

Hello Pinegrow Fan,

I’ve got a problem with this dev Website.

He don’t allow me to edit image in WordPress back-office and there’s problems to delete the image.

I’ve got no error in back-office and front. No problem in Debug mode.

On local and on server.

I work with (sorry) TW_.

So i import block and then i modify my function.php.

Some blocks work with Alpine.js, Swiper js, AOS Animation, Animate css and that’all (i think…).

When i delete the PG Resource files included by Pinegrow. in function.php the problem is solved.

Does the Theme slug would create this problem ?

If you have an idea.

Thank’s a lot.


Pour finir, c’était ?> … At the bottom of the function.php

@Vincent did removing the ?> solve the issue?

Yes i did it !!

Thanks a lot Matjaz