Pinegorw WP - Customizer Panel Images not showing

Hello there,

I am converting a bootstrap based theme to a WP theme.when I add customizer control to an image (via smart actions) the image is not showing in customizer panel.if I set an image via customizer panel, the new image is showing.(the default/placeholder images are not showing in customizer panel).also when I inspect it img->src it shows (unknown).
but in the forntend it is working fine.

(wordpress 5.2.3 + XAMP)

in customizer section inspect element

What is the reason and how to solve this ?

That’s normal. The original image doesn’t get exported. Pinegrow just converts that area into a custom field which you can edit through wordpress (in other words, you can’t have a “placeholder image” for customizer fields). The only way to “fix” this (well not really “fix” but display the placeholder image) you need to upload the original image to wordpress and then fill in the he customizer field you just created with the image you just uploaded.