Problem with Bootstrap Carousel

Hi to all
I’m new with Pinegrow.
I’m trying to use the Bootstrap Carousel component, but it behaves strange.
When it slides, the movement enlarges horizontally.
I want the transition stays inside the provided area.

You can see what happens with the attache sample!AiwBhBMvrBTuu2Nrxnq_w2So2x5k

Thanks in advance

Hi Massimo,
Can you please put that web page on line on a server so I can have a look at the problem!?

Hi David

Thanks for reply

Here the link to the online page



Hi Massimo,

Checked your page and noticed that you use the wrong Bootstrap 4 page structure. I don’t have much time to help you, but I show you 2 examples with the carousel and the way it needs to be implemented.
Full width carousel
Small carousel similar to your idea scroll down to see
Please right click on the web pages and look in to the source of the pages to see how it’s done.

Bootstrap structure is:
Container > Row > Col (for example col-md-12) then your item.

I do advice you to first study Bootstrap 4 HTML structure to understand how it is done, you can’t not just drop components on a page. Pinegrow can spit out several Bootstrap 4 pages to study or use for your design and of course the Bootstrap 4 website is a good source of info.

Bootstrap 4 info



David, thanks so much for your time.

Best regards