Properties not selected on item

I am experiencing something very NOT user friendly here. I admit I’m a new user, but something is NOT working correctly. I am selecting an element like a button and when I go to properties, instead of it’s properties in view, the column properties are in view no matter how many times I try to select only the button. I can’t delete or add properties either. Also it s very hard to find the CSS for anything. I’m on the most recent version for PG on the Mac. Not sure why it is saying properties for column div instead of butt alone. Here’s a link video to my frustrations:

hi there @jefferis, and welcome aboard… it looks like you got buried under some tumble weeks there.

ok, first things first? have you checked out the tutorials/ online info or the IN APP help …part? its a good intro.

now the easiest way to get to parts buried within parts like that is… to find the component/element/item in
THE TREE view.

there you can select the precise thing you are after , if its being a bit clicks, like this.
also, the properties you were trying to remove, were properties, they were complete Classes.

its a bit counter intuitive as you notice there

this might help to explain what has happened. Its a still from your vid. please don’t sue me for using it :slight_smile:

point 5 is referring to the indentation on the pinegrow tree.
basically when something is indented to the right of a parent element then, it is WITHIN its opening/closing tags.

Quite a few bits of PG seem a little counter intuitive, but do make sense AFTER reading the manual/watching vids as, … I often find I misunderstood some fundamental CSS /bootstrap / blocks or editing methodology.

let me know if this helps and sorry for delay with no reply there.
I’m just another user btw.

Caveat Emptor!
oh! There are also the occasional bug appearances too :slight_smile:But the devs are usually pretty hot on those.

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Thanks, that is helpful. It just isn’t very intuitive :grin: Also, everything has moved around and changed since I started and used only a little bit PG 3. Version 4 has it’s own layout. Coming from Dreamweaver, which is a bit more point and click to get the CSS style, this method takes some getting used to.

But thanks again.

yes, I agree some bits of PG don’t seem very intuitive.
SO I griped quite a bit. … then, in frustration, went and read the docs/vids.
I soon realised that some bits of Bootstrap and standard practices (over riding/ duplicating/ replicating (choose verb here) of Standard Bootstrap classes in a different style sheet and NOT touching the originals - then POSITIONING them in the correct order in Pinegrow, so they load correctly) were pretty fundamental and I had nooo idea about those practices.

it annoyed me, but stuff made a bit more sense after. like, a LOT more sense.

I’m still learning, but yeah go methodically through the new AND the old docs.

it is pretty dragging and clicky (like Dreamweaver) , but the downfall/bonus of this is that THIS PG does FAR more stuff - which means you have to have a far more, all encompassing understanding, of those topics, in order to use them in Pinegrow.

ie , I often got /get confused between the levels slider icon tab and the paintbrush one.

I hope this helps

the LOGICAL progression is to use the Slider tab (HTML elements ACTUAL properties and Frameworks Items DEFAULT properties ) FIRST! That is Number 1 on my diagram

SO, if what you want can be done with the HTML elements properties (ie, the URL for an anchor tag)
OR … the Properties of a BOOTSTRAP elements …Properties (which, If you don’t know these, in pinegrow these are Listed visually with all their options in the visual editor - nice!) these are actually achieved by the BOOTSTRAP classes… which you never touch, but rather, override - hence the nice , clicky visual options in PG )

then if the Properties you want to modify CANT be found in 1 first, then
either your wrong and it doesn’t exist or it does and you create it in 2. in my diagram.

ie, to make a BOOTSTRAP BLOCKS button RED,
then you would ACTIVATE BOOtstrap in Pinegrow drag a button to the canvas, then
select IT in the tree/ canvas and then go to this Bootstrap Elements BUTTON OPTIONS menu in the visual inspector and
click the green ink well !

tada! you have just achieved 7. on my diagram.

but, if you want it to be skybluepinkwithblackandyellowspots colour, then you will have to go to the STYLES tab (paintbrush) and CREATE a style for your element and your bespoke colour and apply it.

THIS BIT is slightly counter intuitive, if you don’t quite get what is going on in the background.

in my diagram, I can SEE the active styles listed in BLUE blocks in 2. in my diagram (and can turn them on and off in their effect by clicking the items, -and SHOULD be able to delete them with the X on the right)

BUT… I cant create them! or edit them? WHAT? ah! that is because this is just LISTING the Properties and styles for he element I am looking at.

… so I can SEE and adjust the NATURAL html /framework elements here, but if that doesn’t seem to work it is probably because there is A STYLE BEING APPLIED WHICH OVERIDES IT.
so here I can view those Pesky styles too! and if my element properties DONT seem to be working, then I can CLICK the STYLES on and off HERE… to see if they are the culprit!

(or some crazy Cascading madness)

then if that Is the case, I change Tab to the STYLES… to see Add/destroy/incinierate the offending style to bend it to my will and make it do as I please.

SO yes, I get you, It still catches me out sometimes, because, well I forgot how Pinegrow works or I forgot to use the ACTUAL frameworks Default styling rules first - because I forgot/didnt know about them, and then created my own styles - and then sometimes applied them to the wrong element too, just for good measure!

so this seems to have happened in your example, with button styles used on a column.

ive done that too :slight_smile:
hence this lengthy Tomb, to encourage help and explain (I hope!)

but yep, RTFM all the way :slight_smile:
and good luck, you’ll soon be better than me :slight_smile:

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