Style panel deselects the element every time I make a change

I have used Pinegrow on a Mac until now and not had any issues with the style panel. Now I’m on Windows it is a nightmare to use (running PG 7.1). Every time I select an element then edit or add a CSS rule in the style panel it automatically deselects that element before I can even finish inputting the style, also collapsing the drop down for the element properties.

As an example let’s say I’m editing #element. I find #element in the style panel and begin to add a rule ‘left’ then hit enter. As soon as I press enter to carry on to set the left property the element is deselected and the menu has skipped to the next item in the CSS. Even if I mouse click to do the same thing it happens exactly the same. I have to then reclick the element to go back and finish my left rule. It’s beyond annoying and is costing me such much time it’s negating the benefit of Pinegrow for me at the moment. The whole interface is really jumpy too - I wince when it comes to doing a ctrl Z to undo something I just did because it will often take me back more than one step or in very rare cases even add extra duplicate html elements that were never there before. All other software is working great on my PC so I know it’s not that or any of my peripherals.

Pinegrow is the best when it’s working, I’m a huge fan, but this is almost unusable in this state. If you could shed any light on this I would be really grateful.

@Oli Is there any chance you can record a quick video showing the issue? I’ve been working day in and day out with the style panel and haven’t seen this particular bug. (See video below)

EDIT: I see that you also posted something about running VS Code and Pinegrow. Can you test to see if the behavior happens when you take VS Code out of the equation? I gave it a try on my computer and also saw some unwanted behavior, although not specifically what you are seeing.

Simplify your environment as much as possible, then add things back in to try to find the piece that causes it to break.

Also, is this limited to one particular project, or can you reproduce it on multiple projects?

(Working) With no VS Code Loaded.

(Broken) With My HTML and CSS files loaded in VS Code — I later narrowed this down to just the CSS file causing the refresh issue.

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@Oli if the issue is related to using VS Code extension as @adamslowe suggested, try updating the VSC PG extension to the latest 0.0.8.

Thank you for your help @adamslowe and @matjaz. I was going to send a video showing the issue but it seems to be resolved now. I noticed that the PG VSCode extension updated yesterday to the latest version so I’m thinking maybe that sorted it. Thank you both again for your speedy assistance, it really feels like there are some dedicated and caring people behind Pinegrow, which is very refreshing!

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