Repeatable Blocks within Component

I’m currently trying to get my component libary to work.
I currently have a component slider (= bootstrap carousel with slides and list item indicators).
I’ve defined the slides and indicators as “Repeatable” and the component “slider” is working.
The problem is that I wrapped this slider + some text in parent component “project teaser”.
If I now add new slides / list items on project teaser instances they get removed on update. It seems that the parent component attribute overwrites the child repeatable area. Is such a wrapping not possible or do I have to setup my components with a specific order / structure to get it to work?
Thanks for any heads up.

Hi @Rechi,
Any way you could send your project to Components can be a little complex and it is hard to diagnose the best approach without some more screenshots or the project itself.

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Thanks @RobM, I will prepare a wetransfer-Link so that you can take a look at my code.
Thanks for the offer to help me out!

I might figured it out myself. Maybe I have to use a “Section” for the project teaser, not a component?
The documentation is a bit vague about this, but it seems as a section the update works as excpected.

Hi @Rechi,
I was working on this a bit yesterday. Very strange problem. One thing that I did, that I thought helped, was to click off update instances on the project teaser component. Everything seemed to be working as expected at first. Then, it seemed to be duplicating the indicators and slides on save! I have to play with it a bit more.
I’m not sure how you changed the structure saving as a section. As far as I know, that is just for keeping components organized, not changing how they work. I’m going to keep playing with your project a little, but keep us posted on you progress!

Thanks @RobM for your time & work on this issue,
good to know that it’s not looking like a dumb mistake on my behalf.
Currently this issue is no showstopper for me, but it would be good to have it working in the future.
If I come to some new insights about it myself I will let you know.
Thanks for your great work,

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