Repeatable list element in card element

Dear Community, I now work with Pinegrow almost every day and am enjoying the tool more and more. After a few calls, everything has worked so far. But now I am facing a problem. I have built a card (also with inner content). But now I would like each card to have a list element in addition to the rich text, which is not displayed in the frontend without content and becomes visible when text is entered. This should then also be repeated (1 to max. 10 items (left). I’ve been trying for ages, but it won’t work. Can anyone here give me a tip?

Dear @sylviomr, you can watch this tutorial.

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Thanks for the tip, but that’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I have created the cards and can also duplicate them. I would like to use list elements in addition to the text in the respective cards.
However, the number of list elements is unlimited and if they are not needed, they are no longer visible in the frontend

What you could do is make the div gms-card__repeater-body a inner content so you can use Gutenberg to add the h3, p and list if needed. Or replace the ul by a div that is an inner content so you can add something underneath the p in Gutenberg if needed.

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Perfect, that works. I was thinking much harder again. I have one more question. Is it possible to give the block elements animations? I did this with an element after this video ( It works on the preview page, but when I insert it as a block into another page, the animation no longer works :frowning:

Hi sylviomr,

Did you figure it out? Do you have the pgia.js script loaded on that page?