Revolution Slider

Does this replace or update Carousel? Is it just for WP or can it be used on any PHP/HTML page created in PineGrow? Does it play any image located in a folder or must it be hard coded for each image that is to be displayed?

How do I get it and install it (documentation)?

There was a previous lengthy discussion about it here:

These posts are over two years old and none answer my original questions… so I still have questions:
1.) Is Revolution Slider still available for PineGrrow 4.91 (non-WordPress)?
2.) If it is a current plugin, how do I obtain it? Is it free?
3.) Where is the current documentation for it’s installation and usage?
4.) If RevSlider is not a current plugin, what other slideshow plugin(s) could I install in PG 4.91 that would replace or be an alternate to Carousel?

Revolution Slider has nothing to do with Pinegrow.
You can buy Revolution Slider from their website or from codecanyon and add it to you website.

I have used it many times, and I own both versions.
If you plan to use it on a non wordpress website then you buy the jquery version and for wordpress the wordpress version.

It’s not hard at all to implement it to your website.
They have very good documentation on their website so you can simply copy past some code and your good to go.

I still feel the linked thread actually covered your inquiry and much of your new questions pretty well.

You can use any plugin or library you wish to include in your projects both free or paid. Just implement each in accordance to their respective provided documentation setup & usage (HTML/CSS/JS) for whichever ones you choose to utilize in your projects.

PS: You got a rare response in your Copy & Paste feature thread that you should respond to if you have not already privately.