Root-relative links are broken in browser preview (404 - Not found)

I just downloaded Pinegrow 5.7, and today opened a project. When I click the ‘Preview page in browser’ button, everything looks fine, but if I click on an internal (root-relative) link, I get the following error:

404 - Not found - File /hyperlinker/download/ can not be read by Pinegrow: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/hyperlinker/download/'

The problem appears to be that the server is using the root directory of my Mac’s drive as the site root. i.e. in the address bar, the first URL looks something like this:

I’m guessing it should look like this:

The project structure looks correct in Pinegrow’s Project panel, with the correct folder as the site root.

I don’t remember seeing this issue before. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

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I tried opening the project in an older version of Pinegrow, but it did the same thing. Am I just imagining that root-relative links used to work??

Hi, anything similar to this?

Thanks, but no, different issue. I’m not using master pages, and the links are only broken when previewing in the browser. When published to the server, they are fine. In other words, the links are as they should be. It’s really the web preview feature that is ‘broken’.

Ah ok , I thought it may be related as I noticed both topics appeared around the same time.
OH well, I am sure they will get to the bottom of this.
Well done on noticing it and bringing attention to it.
I will keep an eye out for it.

Thanks @schpengle. I emailed the development team a few days ago, but haven’t heard back as yet. I’ll update this thread if/when I find out more.

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I never did hear back from Pinegrow support, and this problem still affects me in version 5.8. Can anyone shed more light on this? Does anyone else have this problem?

I’m a bit late on this one but I can confirm that we have not received / I don’t find any message from you on this particular topic. (I see 2 other discussions with you in our system, but nothing related to the present report).

So, can you please try again and contact us at + send us your project folder so we can analyze the situation? Thanks.

Hi Emmanue and thanks for the reply. Better late than never! The email was sent to on 14 August 2019. I shall resend it now.

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heya! This seems to be the only post I can find related to this bug, but I have a solution for you! or, well for all of us here
if you have Python installed, “SimpleHTTPServer” does the trick
open a terminal, or command prompt in the “document root” or “webroot” or whichever you would like to call it, where the root of the website should be, and then just run
“python -m SimpleHTTPServer 40000”
the browser preview should properly fetch “” because has an http server running with document root pointed to the base of the project!
I have to add, the built in “preview page” wont flow properly, because it’ll open on a new port, and not 40000, but at least you can preview with root relative links to not view the busted preview, I do hope pinegrow team fixes this simple bug, but until then, my workaround works! Pinegrow is way too good to drop over this :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Carbolemons! Not sure how much I’m going to be using Pinegrow on future projects, but I’ll surely give your workaround a go if I do. It’s at least good to know that the bug affects others, and that it’s not something unique to my system. (BTW, I never did hear back from support on this issue after resending the email.)


I’m really sorry for this situation but I just double checked the support inbox again and we never got your message about this particular topic, so the lack of answer which I deeply regret. (I suspect an overzealous spam filter somewhere between you and us).

In the mean time (since 5.7) some changes were done on this feature, did you try again?


I got up to version 5.91 before my upgrade license ran out. But the problem is exactly the same as I first described. The browser preview still uses the root directory of my Mac’s drive as the site root, which is what causes the problem.

I’ll leave the discussion there, as I’m not pursuing a fix for this anymore. If this behaviour isn’t something you’re able to reproduce, perhaps you could invite Carbolemons to help you with troubleshooting?

Same problem here! Have a multi language website with one index page in the root and the other pages in folders for each language. Sass is also broken and Bootstrap is not found of course.

How do either of you have your projects set-up? I have the following set-up:

Top level is plain HTML.
sub-page folder contains an html page named “dashboard.html” in Bootstrap 4.
other-sub is contained within “sub-page” and contains an html page named “portfolio.html” in Foundation.

From the main page I can have a button that will take me to “dashboard.html” with a relative path

Or to “portfolio.html”

Both work just fine in the preview.

@AllMediaLab - do you mean that the sub-pages can’t find the root level assets, or…?

Trying to recreate the bug, but I need more info I guess.

Solved it by reloading the page. Clicked from a page in the root to a page in a folder and somehow the links were not recognized. Now they do!