Pinegrow version 5.7 breaks all links on pages that uses a master


I’m aware that the something changed in the master pages’ url mapping in version 5.7. Sadly, the new version breaks all the links that were perfectly mapped so far, when ‘Update the whole project’ is run. The bug consistently appears in all my Pinegrow projects, that – by the way – has a conventional/nothing special folder structure. Has anyone else experienced this?

The issue apply to both <img> and <link> tags. So far I’ve used only relative urls on the master pages, which were perfectly mapped on pages that used them. Please see a screenshot of a GitHub repo, with unwanted changes highlighted on a page that uses a master.

As a workaround I can change the relative urls on the master page to root-relative urls which don’t break links on other pages, but images linked ‘root-relatively’ aren’t displayed in editor, which is a known bug, so it isn’t a perfect solution either.

You shouldn’t make these large changes to core and how urls are mapped without notifying users first – imagine how difficult it may be for beginners to find out what went wrong with their website. As well, there was actually nothing to fix in terms of url mapping – if relative urls were used on master pages, links were perfectly mappend on pages that used them, without doing anything proactively.

I’m on Windows 10 Pro.

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Márton Lente

UPDATE: It seems version 5.7 ‘only’ breaks links, that aren’t within <a> tags. I mean, links actually work, but all paths that aren’t within <a> tags consistently break.

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Are there any updates on this? Still can’t use the latest 5.7 version until this major bug is present.

Márton Lentre

Hi @martonlente, 5.7 doesn’t correctly resolve urls that contain …/… (up two levels or more). This will be fixed in the next update, out soon. I also added some logging information to see if there is also an issue with url mapping on Windows.

Thanks for letting us know about the issue.

@matjaz Thanks for the information!

Hello @matjaz,

Thanks for the information, and the clarification on the mysterious issue!

I’m looking forward to version 5.8, and staying with 5.6 until it’s out.

Kind regards,
Márton Lente