Running Nuxt/Vue on a VM with mounted hard drive

Hi All,
So i run my dev envirornment from another VM/Computer and have it mounted on my local computer to access the files. It works fine and great. I SSH into the dev VM to npm run dev

So I am trying to get Vue Designer to work, as it looks good for editing tailwindcss. The documents do recommend a local dev environment running the nuxt app, but I don’t have that, and can’t really do that at this stage.
It does mention the mounted hard drive, and running the VM dev environment is possible and so I am trying it. But I am having some issues…

When the nuxt app is not running, it can see the node_modules folder fine. But as soon as it is running it says it can’t see it ( within Vue Disgner conig panel ). I have the paths all correct in the settings, I have the Vue Designer settings IP and Port set. If I do a wget from the dev VM to the Vue Designer IP:PORT, I get a message in the Vue Designer to allow the connection.

And then I also have this error, show up ever since I added the ‘@pinegrow/nuxt-module’ module. If I remove it, I don’t get the error. Everything (websocket included) works fine when the module is added to the nuxt config.
OMException: Failed to construct ‘WebSocket’: The URL ‘ws://localhost:undefined/_nuxt/’ is invalid.

Has anyone else had success running this Vue Designer in their Nuxt app, and also from a VM Dev environment?

Thanks bunch for the details @PixelPaul :slight_smile: I have responded to this issue on a discord thread - Discord. I’m guessing there might be other users facing the same issues on a similar setup.