Screenshot feature? (Photoshop, GIMP etc.)


Thank you for this excellent editor, I have used quite a few - but this is the
best and I have no doubt with more features added, it could become the
superior option for the people that have my point of view.

  • It would be great, if it was possible to add a ‘print screen’ feature on right click.
    Perhaps, ‘Send Screenshot to Photoshop’ or 'Send Screenshot To “Application”,
    if you are using GIMP or something else?

I use CloudApp or other for that. It will take the screenshot, but won’t send to any application though.

Not really a feature needed for Pinegrow as there are countless screenshot applications, but always nice to have new features.

I use “shutter” on linux - you can select any area of the screen and then within the window select “edit with application”, with gimp being one of the applications if installed.

I thought it’d be less of a workflow breaker if it was an integrated function.
Not having to open the project in a browser, then find the whatever screenshot
extension I might have, drag a selection and then save or copy that selection,
hop into Photoshop, create a new document and paste it in there.

It’s just one of those ideas for QOL improvement.

Using Photoshop to quickly design some layout examples on top of the
ui screenshot before trying to code them.

Would you happen to know of a similar application for Windows ?

This is not a screen shot software it is a reference image display app that works in Windows and Mac.

Once you have your reference screen shots this allows you to display them in any way you want making it easier to design whatever it is you are working on by easily giving you multiple ways of displaying the reference image.

You can use the Print Screen button to copy your monitors usable area to the clip board then copy past into whatever application you are using. I no longer use Adobe software, instead I use Serif Affinity Designer and Photo but whatever the software it is just copy paste with this method.

You can also open the current page into a web browser and use a plugin to screen grab the portion of the page you want to get or capture the entire page if you want. Then what I have been doing is creating reference layers and locking them then design in a new layer. Though now I am looking at software like the Kuadro app to allow multiple views and focus of an image then Print Screen and chop it up however I want in my design software of choice.