Single file not loading when clicking on posts

I have created a wordpress theme and can get the posts to display in the index but when I click on the post nothing happens… The last theme that I did was a few years ago so I know I might be rusty but just cant work it out.

Hey @stevegun1975,
How are you adding the posts to the index? Hard to exactly troubleshoot without some code to pour over. Do you have a link to look at your page, or is it all local?

No the page is local, I have no issues with the posts displaying in the index or another page but it’s just when I click on the post they normally would load up on the single.php but I’m getting nothing. Bit strange really.

The posts are being added to the index by the normal adding a main loop item and adding other things like title etc…

Again, hard to troubleshoot without a bit of code. Maybe it is an issue with your permalinks? Sometimes you have to go in and change the link settings and resave. How are you adding the permalink to each post?

Hi Rob, I’m not I though that wordpress did this for you when when you create a post item inside wordpress.

No, you need to add a permalink to the actual post. There are a number of ways to do it - make the title a link, make a read more button…
So, wrap the element you want the user to click with <a></a> then use the “Get Permalink” action from the “Links” section.

If you don’t add anything for post id it will default to the current post. Just replace the url of the link.
Hope this solves it!


Hi Bob,
Thanks I knew I was missing something… You’ve fixed me… I new I was rusty.