Styling Pseudo-classes and Pseudo-elements in Pinegrow

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This tutorial is now available from

EDIT: Video fixed

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Finally a tut on this topic! Thanks

the feed goes blank as you go for the color with a transparent background, and doesn’t pick up again until you begin the final example.

but what i got to see of looks good… TIL what the target icon means.

any news about when PG might support more pseudo states than the 4 buttons in the style panel?

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Thanks for the heads-up about the video. There was a processing glitch that we are fixing right way.
No specific timeline on adding new pseudo states, but which ones would you prioritize?

the main one is :checked

i use this pseudo state with an input to toggle things on/off without using javascript so i can make interactive nav menus, slideshows, modals, pullouts, etc.

now that i know how to use the target thingy, it would be nice to have it also listed on the dropdown along with all the others.

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