Possible bug with pseudo Class creation and hover state/ shadow rendition via Pinegrow Pseudo state buttons

hi , its 2.30 am, so here is a slightly , not as focused as it could be video to show some unexpected behaviour that threw me!
Which is why I suggest counter intuitive UI on the post I just created to help @mooremsbws _ I may very well be wrong about the unintuitive UI, but that maybe because It may be a bug.

around 3.27 you see two buttons activate at the same time,

Around 4.42 you see the hover state button activate itself and work properly again after going pear shaped earlier.

So, please let me know what you make of it. Am I doing something stupid?
also, why is the final class
highlighted in green? -and by this, I mean remains hi lighted, no matter which element I click or which other styles should also be activated. (ie, the .title:hover class never hi lighted also, instead as well

and just noticed, at around 5.50, by which time I was totally confused, I got a Finder window pop up for a file upload - for an image.

…and if you look at 5:55,
it has an image element selected in the LG screen page view
but the h1 element selected in the XS screen view!

ok have fun