SVG Issues in the Pinegrow editor - WP Plugin


SVG images are not loading correctly in the editor. So at this point placing an image and choosing an SVG image doesn’t work at all. Unless i grab the URL form the media library and paste it in manually within the image settings.

I created a quick video:

Hope this can be fixed soon.


Hi @Guido,

Which SVG plugin are you using?

What is the broken URL to the SVG image when you insert it in PG?

Thanks, Matjaz

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Hi @matjaz

I am using HappyFiles that has the option to allow SVG uploads. (

So the url to one of my SVG’s is

But in the editor it doesn’t see SVG’s in the preview window:

The last two are SVG. If i click on one of them to insert then the url that it grabs is:

It seems to ignore the WP-Expert-Logo.svg part of the url.

The url in the settings of the image is then this:


Nothing after uploads/

If i grab the full url and paste it in there then it works.

edit:I just tried to use the upload image within the editor to see if that changes things but the result is the same.


FYI: I just replaced my actual domain name with domainname.

edit: I just tried disabling the plugin and added $mimes[‘svg’] = ‘image/svg+xml’; to enable SVG upload. That didn’t solve the problem.


(for what it is worth, each situation may differ depending on the hosting and possible restrictions) in local mode, using SVG are fine.

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Oke some more testing with SVG:

  1. If i copy svg code and paste it in the “Insert Code” area then it works fine:

The Chevron is what i inserted.

  1. If i use Insert > External Content > svg then i get the message “Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG”

BUT if i refresh the editor then the svg shows up.


So there is definitely something going on with SVG’s.

This doesn’t work for an img svg. Those just don’t work until i manually grab the url from the media folder and paste it in the img settings.

There is no issue using the SVG’s in Gutenberg for example so it seems to be only related to the pinegrow editor. On live hosting.


Hi @matjaz,

Following up on this thread to see how we are with these SVG issues? Were you able to replicate the issues i have?