Tag selection in pinegrow for the wordpress block element

Tag selection in the block element

I am currently working on my first block element. It will be a card. It should consist of an image, a headline, a text and a link. Some time ago I saw a video by Adam Lowe or Pinegrow, where you could specify the option in Pinegrow which tag the headline has (h1, h2, h3…) in Wordpress for selection in the block element. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the video and I have also tried, but without success. Could someone here give me a tip? Is it also possible to declare a text element as a rich text element so that you can bold some text passages in the block?

Thank you very much

I think you’re talking about the “Fancy Heading” interactive tutorial inside Pinegrow (video timestamp around 5:08), which I just watched last night. You add a new block attribute to your block and set the “Use As” option to “Tag” with a “Control Type” of “Select”, where you can add the individual values (h1, h2, h3, etc…).

Not sure about the rich text part of your question as I’m still figuring this stuff out!


Thank you very much. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

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I have one more question. When I have exported and activated the plugin in Wordpress, it says “Describe what the plugin does.
Version 1.0.12 | By John Smith | Open plugin page”. But I have not found a way where I can change the name and url. How can I find this option?

In the WordPress Theme/Plugin settings menu

Click the Edit More Project Settings button

That brings up the main plugin settings file where you can edit your headers

Here is the document in the plugin handbook that describes all the possible fields and requirements.

Header Requirements – Plugin Handbook | Developer.WordPress.org

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Thanks Adam. I have found it

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