Control HTML-Tags (specially of headings) in GB

Hey There,

I often get in situations where I want to create kind of a global Heading-Style. I’m just working on a project which heavily relies on the AOS-Library. I’ve created a Heading-Block and I wanted to give that block the ability to control different fade-in effects and delays and so on from the AOS-Library.

However, in the current state I would need to create 6 different Blocks (H1 - H6) to achieve that kind of block… Which is not really friendly for maintenance of the site, Imagine I want to change something on the structure I would need to replace the whole block and recreate the settings the other heading-block had before.

I’m not sure if something like this is already possible in PG, I didn’t find a way to be honest. At least it should be possible within Gutenberg since the default Heading-Block already has such a feature! :wink:

Hi @Wolfgang.Hartl, you would like to change the tag name based on the block attribute, right?

At the moment this is not possible to do with PG, sorry :wink: It would be possible to extend the Block Attributes Use as field with “tag name” but at the moment this is not high on the to-do list. For some cases it might still be better to create a custom GB block the manual way.

Hey Matjaz,

yeah that’s exactly what I wanted to achieve! :wink:

Ok no worries - just wanted to place it somewhere - yeah I mean I could create it manually, but I got lazy since PG has been created all that stuff for me! :slight_smile:

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