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I treated myself to an Ipad mini 2 and glad I did, as I discovered two issues with Safari

  1. Telephone number missing

  2. Fixed background-attachment doesn’t work

Managed to sort issue 1 with

<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no" />

I wonder how many websites are live, using css that doesn’t work on ios devices? missing phone numbers and screwed up background images!

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This makes me wonder cause Apple says:

By default, Safari on iOS detects any string formatted like a phone number and makes it a link that calls the number. Specifying telephone=no disables this feature.

The other point is a well known issue.

Up to a specific level, there are workarounds available (which I personally never considered).



Cheers. Thomas, I’ll have to look into this more and how popular Safari browsing is on mobile devices for visiting websites locally although because I’m a perfectionist i won’t sleep well unless all potential problems are covered and my aim with all websites I build is to ensure they work as intended for all visitors.

And yes I’m not keen on the workaround issues re the fixed background, they appear slightly hacky and dirty lol I want to keep code as clean and simple as possible and I’ll consider if my websites really need fixed background attachment before I look at possible workaround’s.

Also reminds me that while I test my websites on all browsers/operating systems for desktops, it’s important to have real life testing for mobile devices. I now have access to Android, Windows and Apple as while I can test online, it’s nice to see real examples, especially as Apple devices are popular within business/management.

This guy has a good write up on the issue