The "Post content" smart action doesn't work

So I just started using Pinegrow for WP. All is fine however, I seem to be missing something while creating the “single” template.

I cant get it to show the actual content. Title, image and excerpt are fine, but the content doesn’t show.

I did follow the tutorial here:

And this is what I came up with.

The single.php shows the <?php the_content(); ?> just fine.

Anyone have any idea what went wrong?


Get rid of “the excerpt”. Use the excerpt on your index page instead of “the content”

Thanks for the reply. However, it didn’t help. When I get rid of it there’s nothing shown there.

This is where the content paragraph should be, but there’s nothing there.


What I mean is, if you are creating a single post page (single.php) You don’t need the excerpt. But you can use the excerpt action for you blog index page

Also it looks like your sidebar is in your Loop?

Yea, I got that. Also the sidebar is there, but even if I delete it, it doesn’t solve anything.

I ended up using the page from the starter theme and going from there. I’d still like to know what I did wrong tho.

these might help. I’d suggest using a simpler layout with article html tag, just until you learn how to do it in Pinegrow

this one sets it up with smart components