Upgrade to ChatGPT API coming?

I assume you all are already testing making a switch to the New APIs released last week.

away from cost…any noted improvements on the performance/capabilities when using that instead of the davinci?

very exciting implementation guys. well done! make more videos for the youtube site… I like it when my subscriptions show new stuff.

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@Uelsimon yes, the upgrade to ChatGPT API is coming very soon. The quality, speed and price improvements are very nice :slight_smile:


That said, ChatGPT is a lot more opinionated and will refuse to do many tasks based on its hyper sensitive moral standards:

Then you need to persuade it to do the job :slight_smile:

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yup… I’ve found it’s easier when u ask it to help rephrase what you want to say, rather than ask it to say it as a first person. which you did when you used “help me explain…”

but all very exciting. I love how tools like this can make a total non-dev like myself move closer to doing what you amazing folks can do in your sleep.