Vue Designer 1.1 is here - Vitepress, Astro and more


A feature-packed update for Vue Designer - version 1.1 is now available for download! Thanks to your continued support and feedback that help us improve the app.

For a complete walkthrough, and download, check out our recent blog post: Vue Designer - Vitepress, Astro and more… | Pinegrow Web Editor

Note: If your trial version already expired, you will get a fresh trial.

Here’s a short rundown on what’s inside:

  • Expanded Framework Support - Vitepress and Astro now join Nuxt and îles as frameworks supported by Vue Designer.
  • Extended component library support - Libraries that use web-types can now have their components automatically listed in the Library Panel.
  • Enhanced Nuxtlabs UI support - Introducing an elegant stripped-down eCommerce store incorporated with components from Nuxtlabs UI component library.
  • Nifty Bug Fixes - No more problems editing components props, plus a host of other performance enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Coming soon: Vuetify support - We’re in the final stages of integrating this component library. All active Vue Designer subscribers will get it at no extra cost.

Have a great day!