Vue Designer is here - a Visual IDE for Vue

Hi, Matjaz and Ahmed from Pinegrow here.

We are excited to introduce Vue Designer, our brand new visual editor for building Vue applications.

Powerful features…

You can use Vue Designer on your existing Vue projects, or start with one of many templates. Vue Designer lets you work with Vite, Nuxt, Iles, live data, component libraries, development tools, external code editors and comes with more than 100.000 free icons.

Vue Designer is a standalone app, not an add-on for Pinegrow, because it uses a fundamentally different approach to showing documents in the editor. Vue Designer connects directly to your development Vite server to render live previews of your app right in the editor.

…without compromising your freedom

Vue Designer follows the same open approach we are using with Pinegrow Web Editor – the code is always the single source of truth. You can use it with absolutely no lock-in, and without interfering with the rest of your team.

In many ways this feels like launching the first version of Pinegrow back in 2014. After two years of working on Vue Designer, we are finally releasing it into the world.

With this in mind we want to reward early adopters for your openness to try something new, and for your help in shaping the future of Vue Designer.

Special offer for early adopters + even more special one for existing Pinegrow users

So, for a limited time, you can get Vue Designer for half of the regular price: USD 149 / year instead of USD 299 (and you get to keep this price for as long as your subscription is active, not just the first year). On top of that, you also get the Tailwind CSS add-on for free.

You can use Vue Designer on unlimited projects, on up to three of your computers.

​To get started visit the landing page, see the main features in action and download the app. Full trial version is included.

Learn more and get Vue Designer »

What is Vue? Do I need Vue Designer?

Vue is a popular JavaScript framework for building interactive web pages using components that are constructed with regular HTML code. Vue Designer is great for visually editing Vue projects, but it is not suitable for working with static HTML and WordPress (you should use Pinegrow for that). Vue Designer will be useful for you if you build your projects with Vue, or wish to start learning about it. Check out the official introduction to Vue.

We are here to help

In case you need any assistance, we are here to help. Just contact us on the forum (if you think the wider user community would benefit from discussing that topic) or directly through our email support.

The story of Vue Designer

So far, we covered the features and pricing of Vue Designer. Read this blog post to learn the back story of why and how it was created.

Have a great day!
Matjaz, Ahmed and the Pinegrow Team


Was looking to add but did I must a email or coupon on this one? Looked back and did not see any…says " Special offer for early adopters + even more special one for existing Pinegrow users"…even more special one for existing Pinegrow users??? Not sure if the last part meant a different cost? Just asking as the year is closing out. Thanks

Hi @tcarson,

I have just DM’ed you the details. Please check it out. Thanks!

Thank you so much for your help.

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