Want Pinegrow + Bootsrap Expert for Training--$100/hr

I’m looking to hire a Pinegrow + Bootstrap expert for about six to twelve 45min training sessions ($75/session). I will prep by going through some Bootstrap training and your Pinegrow videos on my own beforehand.

If Pinegrow is easy enough then the training will turn more into a Bootstrap training. My motivation is that I’ve got a site (mostly complete) using an old version of Bootstrap and need to update it to V4–pretty easy stuff, really. But I’d like to use this exercise as an excuse to learn Pinegrow and Bootstrap in depth. Later I will be wrapping everything in Django. So, ideally the trainer would have deep Pinegrow knowledge, Bootstrap knowledge, and ideally Django knowledge as well. This could be seen as a consulting project but with some annoying guy asking questions and screwing things up in the project along the way. :slight_smile:


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