Seeking Experienced Pinegrow User to Help Me Become Proficient

Hello there,

About Me:
I’ve been working with WordPress and web development technologies for years. I’m comfortable with HTML, CSS (novice+) as well as a little JS and PHP (novice-). I’ve invested in Pinegrow as my baseline platform for web development in producing WordPress sites as well as static HTML pages for hosting on GitHub Pages.
Therefore, I’m seeking a tutor/coach who can help me get up the Pinegrow learning curve much faster than I would being isolated and working on my own. I imagine using Slack (preferably) as the primary tool for communications & collaboration. Slack would support ad hoc (real-time) questions as well as exchange of screen shots and impromptu huddles on specific challenges I’m dealing with.

About You:
You are a long-time Pinegrow user or even a short-time Pinegrow user who has climbed up the Pinegrow learning curve. You are well versed in the intricate features and capabilities of Pinegrow including it’s use in producing WordPress Themes (including Block Themes). You’ve used at least a few of the CSS frameworks like Tailwind or ACSS with Pinegrow and you’re well-versed in HTML5/CSS3/SCSS. You have some experience teaching or at least coaching and have the patience required to work with others who (obviously) are not yet at your skill level.

I am very open to suggestions on a compensation scheme but most importantly I would like to get started as soon as possible. Pinegrow is a fantastic tool and I am super excited about getting proficient in using it on a number of projects.

Please drop me a direct message if you are interested.