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Web Development Bundle for $30

here you go,

there is YummyFTP Ultimate + lifetime bundle there
Some WEBDEV Courses, Full Stack and lesser stuff,
Icon sets, and Lucid, the css animation …thing.
as well as wordpress Templates, and SKEdit (which I thought was kind of out of date nowadays)

and other stuff :slight_smile:BLT I used to use!
ok just in case someone fancies some of this. ANd I hope you have all been well :slight_smile:
I have been back in Snow LEopard land, where SLack doesn/t happen and neither does PG 3!

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Hi Ian, what is this that you have posted???

Hi Eric, I thought I explained it pretty good :slight_smile: its an odd collection of useful things on one of the deal sites I get info from. the YummyFTP Lifetime licence was the main deal there I thought.
I hope your well!
I’ll be around some more once I finish sorting some of my life stuff out.

Well, you did Explain it, I was just giving you a hard time… LOL. How have been doing? I see you changed your name on the form.

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Hi you. Have I? and on the form do you mean Forum? er, I shouldnt have. thats odd. what am I called now then eh?

This shows you as schpengle and in slack it’s Ian

ah! ok :slight_smile:
Well, thats Slack being an A** again :slight_smile: