Webflow to Pinegrow - Symbols

Just launched another video in my Webflow to Pinegrow series. Enjoy!!

@matjaz just a note of some potential bugs. Namely in the actions panel, some of the headings are not visible and am i supposed to see previews of my components in the list view based on whether the ‘Use photo only for preview’ checkbox?



@fakesamgregory is this the latest PG release 6.8? If so, please use Dev Tools to inspect why the action name is not visible. I can’t replicate it on my end.

To display the image of the component in the Library panel, use selected element menu → Take component photo.

Update project.

To use that photo only as a preview, check the Use photo only for preview and update the project again. The Library panel should only have the name listed.

Thanks for this. Will update and get back to you!!