What's happening at the Pinegrow front?

Hi Pinegrow Team,

This last year I did not receive any significant updates for the regular Pinegrow Pro! and Interactions? Any news about the responsive images with <picture> and <srcset> or any development?




We are currently working actively on a number of points including the usual small fixes which should result in a next update, but also, for later - among other points already mentioned - on a new approach for the creation / manipulation of CSS.

Of course, as usual, @matjaz will talk about it here as soon as the development progress will be considered as satisfactory.


The latest release of Pinegrow Live comes with a simple support for the picture element:

6.5.1 – May 26, 2022

Picture element

Added simple support for the Picture element that can now we dragged from the Library panel and can have multiple sources. More information and simple demo on the forum.

Lazy loading for images and iframes

Images and iframes now have a Lazy loading checkbox in the Properties panel that sets the loading attribute to lazy.

CSS Grid menu available in the Tree context menu

Right click on any element in the Tree panel to access its CSS Grid options. Feature requested on the forum.

Avoid crashes when dragging CSS Grid handles for SASS projects

Fixed the issue with dragging CSS grid handles causing Pinegrow to hang when using complex SASS projects. The fix has the potential to improve the stability of Pinegrow SASS in general. This fix is experimental, please let us know how it works for you or if you run into any problems. Issue was reported on the forum.

Fix CSS Border radius control

The current CSS rule values were sometimes not correctly visible in the border radius control

WordPress Builder changes

  • Image block attribute title and help are shown in the WordPress editor.
  • Multiple block attribute classes can be used on both regular and dynamic blocks.
  • Append attribute setting has an option to prepend it with or without the space character.
  • Function and Code actions use textareas for code input.

WooCommerce Shop Builder changes

  • Fixed an issue with displaying variable prices.

Hi @matjaz, what do you think, when can we see 6.5.1 in the “normal” PG Version? I’m looking forward to the new functions :slight_smile: