Where is the CSS

Hi I just started using Pinegrow for the first time, created a blank Tailwindcss page, and asked the AI to generate a whole page. But the page doesn’t have any css applied, and I can’t see where to find the css file or to create and edit one in Pinegrow, even manually.

I have now activated the style extension and manually created a new css file attached to the html page, but the AI Assistant doesn’t seem to use it.

When I ask to add css it adds it inline to the html page.

It also added classes that don’t exist, such as bg-f5f9fc for background color. I asked it to add the style afterwards.

Also, any tips to make it generate nice styles? They are very bland and simple with my prompting

  1. You’re wasting time and money relying on the AI, ESPECIALLY GPT-3.5
  2. What you want, is 5 years out.

The AI is great if you know how to create stuff from scratch. Conversely, you’ll hate it if you keep assuming it will build the things flawlessly.

If AutoGPT can’t get it right, the AI Assistant ain’t either.

In the AI assistants defense, it’s really well done, even on the 3.5 model, IF you know how to talk to it, and apply the powa.